Getting Ready for the Red Carpet

by Adrienne Macintosh, Editor

We’re rolling out the red carpet this month in Harlequin Heartwarming! We’re very excited that Heart’s Desire by Catherine Lanigan will be premiering as a Hallmark original movie, called The Sweetest Heart, on March 17th! This is the first Heartwarming to be made into a movie, and I’ve been very jealous following Catherine’s exploits on the set. Hope you all can tune in!

Of course, this is also Oscars weekend, and that means I’ve got two very important choices to make: what I’m going to wear, and who I’m going to take. (In a fantasy world, of course, where I am as thin and tall and gorgeous as a model, and my date is not otherwise attached to someone as thin and tall and gorgeous as a model.)

For the dress, this one by Guo Pei would definitely make an impact, but something tells me it’s not exactly designed for sitting…

If I was taking the little munchkin, this ensemble from Jean Paul Gaultier would be our mother-daughter outfit, and this would definitely be our mother-daughter pose. And bonus: this outfit seems to feature easy access for diaper changes!

But who am I kidding? If I’m going to the Oscars, I’m getting a babysitter! Still, I think I’ll be somewhat practical and go with this one from Chanel—it’s got sparkle and pockets! But I’d ditch the creepy headpiece. 

As for the second pressing matter—the question of my date—there are of course several good candidates. But I’ll think I’ll take Hugh Jackman because if I get bored in the hours-long ceremony, he can always entertain me with a dance or a song. 

I’d love to hear what you all would choose! Who would be your dream date? And what would be your dream dress?


  1. This is a fun post! I'm a big fan of award shows, because of what it took to get one of those nominations! So much goes into becoming an actor and hanging in through all the ups and downs. They don't give out awards for nothing. But only at award shows would you hear that odd question, "Who are you wearing?" I'm not sure "who" I'd wear, but it would likely be dark red and sparkle.

  2. Fun to read and imagine, Adrienne. In another world, or time, I’d wear something slinky to highlight my svelte self. But in this world, it’ll be sweats and sweatshirt!

  3. I'm going to wear whatever Helen Mirren helps me pick out. (We're in fantasy world, right?) I'm not as old as she is, but I think she does such a great job of finding something that isn't "try too hard to be young" and "I'm old enough that I've given up." So we're going shopping together, and I'll take her advice. Or her stylist's. Not going to be that picky.

    Then for my date, I'll pick Andrew Rosen and Anthony Leo. I know you're wondering, who? They're my clients, and their film, The Breadwinner, is up for best animated feature. For real, my clients have an Oscar nomination. They're going to lose to Pixar's Coco, but I want to encourage them, and remind them that they're such a small company, I'm their accounting department, and I only work for them one day a week! They'll have another chance, and I'll be rooting them on in my beautiful imaginary dress.

    1. That's so exciting, Kim. Good luck to them!

  4. Hugh Jackman as an Oscar date for the win, Adrienne! He's my celebrity crush, too. He's a tough guy with a sensitive side and gorgeous... sounds like a Heartwarming hero to me- lol.

  5. Hi, Adrienne! What a fun post. It would be a thrill to walk the red carpet--if I was having a good hair day! For my gown I'd choose a flowy classic design, maybe Balenciaga or Dior with lots of sparkles. You can never have too much bling. Would love to take Scott Eastwood as my date. Yum.

  6. So looking forward to Catherine's movie. I love watching Oscars, Emmy's and the Country Music Awards. Can't wrap my head around being one to attend. I like your mother-daughter outfits. Of course some actors take their older kids. I'm not one for trendy clothes, but I could be in that outside audience who watches the beautiful people get out of their limos.

  7. Oh boy, I'm with you. Can we share Hugh? Love the dresses. Remember the swan dress? Figuring out what to wear would freak me out. Can't wait to see Catherine's movie.

  8. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited about Catherine's movie!!!! And while I'm not particularly a fan of awards shows, I'd love to imagine an evening with my celebrity crush, Gerard Butler....sigh....

  9. It's been such fun watching Catherine's posts, and I love your dress and date selections. Perfect.

  10. Catherine's my hero! As for the Oscars, I hear what you say about Helen Mirren, Kim. I think I'd like to partner with a writer, frankly, and pick his brain about how he told his story, lol.

  11. Yes, you guys are right, Helen Mirren is amazing.

    Gerard Butler is a good choice, too, LeAnne! You know, if Hugh wasn't available ;).

    It is fun to imagine dressing up and going to something so glamorous. I guess that's why I have a soft spot for Cinderella stories, too!

  12. I've always said I'd be in my sweats and socks, watching from the couch, but that sparkle does draw me in. I loved the post!

  13. This is one of the first years I'm not really all that excited about it (I don't think I've seen any of the nominated movies)...although if I HAVE to go? LOL. Gotta go with my man George Clooney. *sigh* He just makes me happy (and besides, you already took Hugh ). That reminds me, gotta get my real date for the evening: Ben & Jerry ice cream . Great post!

  14. Adrienne, this is such a fun post! I would wear my tuxedo with expand a pants now! Kidding. Kidding, but dresses make me nervous these days. I would ONLY go shopping with Helen.
    And I'm with Anna. It's George. He's the nicest man and very intelligent.
    Thank you all for your lovely words and all the encouragement you've given me. You are blessings in my life!


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