Sing, Christmas Dreams! in NYC

View from the top of Rockefeller Center

About a year ago, my church choir director uploaded a video of our church choir to YouTube. Folks from DCINY (Distinguished Concerts International New York) spotted it and invited us to perform, alongside other choirs from around the U.S., in Carnegie Hall. For the past year, my choir has been practicing a music selection for a program titled, SING, CHRISTMAS DREAMS! Last month they performed at Carnegie Hall. As my husband sings bass, I had the opportunity to tag along as a part of their cheering section.

On our way! NYC or bust!

Composed by Mary McDonald and Joel Raney

There were three days of rehearsals in NYC before the show but my husband and friends and I had plenty of time to take in the city sights.

Time Square

We were too early for the tree lighting ceremony at Times Square but...

We did get to watch the pre-taping for the show. Here's Gwen Stefani practicing.

I had so much fun!

I had backstage access and was permitted to watch the soundcheck. It was fun to think of all the great performers who have sung on the Carnegie stage. 

Rehearsals at the NY Center for Ethical Studies

Here we are going in the stage door for sound check. What do you think of my fabulous red beret? 

My husband and me, all dolled up
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!

The big night was so much fun! Hopefully, we can do it again sometime!


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  1. What a wonderful story! Congratulations to the choir. I'm sure they were fabulous! NYC looks amazing. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Thanks, Beth! They were great and had a lovely review in the NY Times:-)

  2. What a terrific experience! Especially getting behind the scenes and from your pics, NYC is beautiful at this time of year. Congratulations on your upcoming release, too, Elizabeth!

    1. Thanks, Janice! I'm looking forward to the next release:-)

  3. I'm really excited for you! What a wonderful opportunity. It sounds like you enjoyed every second of the journey. Your holiday season is off to a great start.

  4. So glad you got to experience that. Carnegie Hall is a beautiful place.

    1. Thanks, Shirley. Carnegie is beautiful. The entire evenings was over way too quickly!


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