The Start of Something New

by Evan Yeong

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about life rhythms and tradition. In particular, at what point does an event go from merely being a repeating occasion in your calendar to graduating to that loftier designation?

Four years ago, I reintroduced a long-running American pastime into my week: settling in front of a screen to witness the dramatic ups and downs of ABC’s The Bachelor. This has mostly been something enjoyed solo, up until last year when I began watching with a friend. Since then that friend has moved across the country for a job opportunity, which left me with an impending new season of a show I’ve strongly tied to social interaction.

Last month I took a step outside my (and likely your) comfort zone and invited people I met online to watch the premiere at my apartment. While I haven’t been able to make that happen again, one of them has thankfully decided to start hosting at their place, with much more reliability.

On one hand, spending time with what appears to be a growing group with a shared passion for televised emotional outpouring has been an incredible experience, and a (painless) exercise in getting to meet and befriend new people. On the other, it’s also created the desire to introduce new routines into my life, and to keep the momentum of this one going.

Outside of indulging in a TV show where several messy relationships hopefully culminate in a romantic engagement, I’ve also been trying to find moments or practices that I can savor on my own. Those may or may not involve cooking projects I’ve been meaning to try out, or moments throughout my week where I can be more intentional about reading. Either way, I’m still working on figuring out what they’ll be!

Are there moments in your lives you’ve been meaning to be more intentional about, or practice more regularly? I’d love to hear them!


  1. I like how you took a step outside your comfort zone, Evan. Recently, I've been trying to be more intentional about maintaining old friendships. Doing this isn't taking a step outside my comfort zone but it does take intention. Somehow I get wrapped up in life and years (YEARS!) pass without touching base with the people I absolutely adore. On a side note, I don't watch The Bachelor but some of my Ohio friends (I'm an Ohioian) were happily chattering on Facebook recently because an episode took place in Cleveland!

  2. I'm in agreement about doing things intentionally. I just wrote a column today using a meme from FB that said, “Blessed are the curious, for they will have adventures.” I wish you happy adventures and much curiosity!

  3. Evan, I loved hearing about how you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone with socializing. I can be such a shy, hermit type myself. Being intentional is a great mindset. Happy adventures beyond your comfort zone!

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