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December 2015
A Memory Away by Melinda Curtis
Into the Storm by Helen DePrima
The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor by Anna J. Stewart
Texas Miracle by Mae Nunn and Gwen Faulkenberry

November 2015
Wedding Bells by Karen Rock, Jennifer Snow, and Kristine Rolofson
The Christmas Campaign by Patricia Bradley
Love, Lies, and Mistletoe by Jennifer Snow
To Love and Protect by Muriel Jensen

October 2015
Heart's Refuge by Cheryl Harper
If Not for a Bee by Carol Ross
Once Upon a Marriage by Tara Taylor Quinn
When the Right One Comes Along by Kate James

September 2015
Sweet Mountain Rancher by Loree Lough
Out of the Ashes by Cynthia Reese
Owen's Best Intentions by Anna Adams
Harper's Wish by Cerella Sechrist

August 2015
Two-Part Harmony by Syndi Powell
Time for Love by Melinda Curtis
Molly's Garden by Roz Denny Fox
Promises to Keep by Shirley Hailstock

July 2015
Once Upon a Friendship by Tara Taylor Quinn
Sailing in Style by Dana Mentink
Man of the Family by Leigh Riker
The Hardest Fight by Amy Vastine

June 2015
Winner Takes All by Cheryl Harper
Her Lone Cowboy by Patricia Forsythe
Waiting for Sparks by Kathy Damp
Small-Town Secrets by Pamela Tracy

May 2015
The Truth About Hope by Kate James
Fighting for Keeps by Jennifer Snow
Katia's Promise by Catherine Lanigan
Firefly Nights by Cynthia Thomason

April 2015
A Case For Forgiveness by Carol Ross
Man of His Word by Cynthia Reese
The Long Road Home by Lynn Patrick
Raising the Stakes by Karen Rock

March 2015
One Perfect Year by Melinda Curtis
After the Silence by Rula Sinara
The Best Laid Plans by Amy Vastine
The Bluebird Bet by Cheryl Harper

February 2015
An Unlikely Rancher by Roz Denny Fox
A Place Called Home by Eleanor Jones
Once a Marine by Loree Lough

Lone Star Refuge by Mae Nunn and Gwen Faulkenberry

January 2015
In My Dreams by Muriel Jensen
A Fine Year for Love by Catherine Lanigan
Summer on Kendall Farm by Shirley Hailstock
Saving Home by Marie Ferrarella

December 2014
Now She's Back by Anna Adams
Honeysuckle Bride by Tara Randel
What the Heart Wants by Cynthia Reese
A League of Her Own by Karen Rock

November 2014
Christmas, Actually by Anna Adams, Anna J. Stewart, and Melinda Curtis
A Child's Christmas by Kate James
The Mistletoe Melody by Jennifer Snow
Holiday Homecoming by Pamela Tracy

October 2014
Back to McGuffey's by Liz Flaherty
The Parent Trap by Lee McKenzie
This Hero for Hire by Cynthia Thomason
A Father's Stake by Mary Anne Wilson

September 2014
Matthew's Choice by Patricia Bradley
Falling for Leigh by Jennifer Snow
Someone Like You by Karen Rock
The Better Man by Amy Vastine

August 2014
An Act of Love by Marion Ekholm
Risk of Falling by Syndi Powell
Heart's Desire by Catherine Lanigan
The Nurse's Bodyguard by Melanie Mitchell

July 2014
Return to Pelican Inn by Dana Mentink
Legacy of Silence by Flo Fitzpatrick
Magnolia Bride by Tara Randel
If I Loved You by Leigh Riker

June 2014
Safe Harbor by Marie Ferrarella
What She'd Do for Love by Cindi Myers
Flying Home by Mary Wilson
Fatherhood 101 by Mae Nunn

May 2014
What Janie Saw by Pamela Tracy
A Soldier's Promise by Cynthia Thomason
The Country Vet by Eleanor Jones
Season of Change by Melinda Curtis

April 2014
Love Shadows by Catherine Lanigan
Eva's Deadline by Linda Hope Lee
Love Me Forever by Muriel Jensen
The Husband Show by Kristine Rolofson

March 2014
Mountains Apart by Carol Ross
His Hometown Girl by Karen Rock
The Paris Connection by Cerella Sechrist
Saving Alyssa by Loree Lough

February 2014
Just Like Em by Marion Ekholm
A Minute on the Lips by Cheryl Harper
What a Girl Wants by Jennifer Snow
Summer Kisses by Melinda Curtis

January 2014
A Question of Honor by Mary Anne Wilson
A Wedding for Christmas by Marie Ferrarella
The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine
The Promise of Rain by Rula Sinara

December 2013
Out of the Shadows by Melanie Mitchell
Devoted to Drew by Loree Lough
The Husband Project by Kristine Rolofson
Gentle Persuasion by Cerella Sechrist

November 2013
Secret Santa by Cynthia Reese
The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jennifer Snow
Homespun Christmas by Aimée Thurlo
Cowboy in the Kitchen by Mae Nunn

October 2013
Blue Ridge Hideaway by Cynthia Thomason
Footprints in the Sand by Eleanor Jones
Dandelion Wishes by Melinda Curtis
Raising Connor by Loree Lough

September 2013
Taking the Reins by Carolyn McSparren
Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock
A Forever Home by Lynn Patrick
The Husband School by Kristine Rolofson

August 2013
Orange Blossom Brides by Tara Randel
The Reluctant Bachelor by Syndi Powell
Katie's Rescue by Pamela Tracy
Always Florence by Muriel Jensen