Sit Down Saturday With Callie Endicott

You  know how unexpected things happen and we're suddenly out of the boat and struggling to stay afloat?  That happened in a minor way around four this morning when I remembered this was my Sit Down Saturday,  I'm in vacation mode and since that includes plenty of writing, you'd think I would remember something this important, but my brain let me down this time. So I'm getting this out reeeeally fast.  My apologies.

Fighting to stay afloat is something that Jessica Parish, my heroine in Finally, A Family, experienced years earlier with a divorce and suddenly becoming a single mother.  Growing up with parents whose priority is making money, not family, she believes her marriage went down the tubes because she was too needy for love.  She takes responsibility for that and has tried hard to deal with her issues because she doesn't want to pass them on to her daughter.  Having just taken ownership of her grandparents' Crystal Connection, her plans don't include …

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