Sit Down Saturday: Patricia Johns

If you meet me in public, I will appear to having things together. I DO have things together when it comes to meeting deadlines, writing books, keeping my family organized... I am a competent adult.

But the other day, I went to my parents' place for dinner (mostly because I really didn't feel like cooking, so we asked my dad to cook for us instead.) I poured a glass of Sprite for myself, and while I was saying something, I brought the cup up to my mouth, but obviously couldn't sip because I was talking, so while I finished my sentence, I just dribbled Sprite into my lap.

That is what tired looks like! And luckily for all of you, it doesn't seem to affect my writing, just my motor skills. ;) It's also generally fixed by a weekend off.

So when I came across these gems online, it made me feel infinitely better that I'm not alone in these things!

LOL! And to everyone else who makes a fool of themselves when tired out, you have my sympathy. Here is to a well-timed R…


Getting Through Holiday Stress by LeAnne Bristow

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