Celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! by Catherine Lanigan & Rula Sinara

CATHERINE: It’s about time we had something truly fun to celebrate! And the fact that it’s chocolate, makes it even better. As some of you know every Christmas I bake around a thousand cookies to send to friends, family and to donate. Seldom do I eat more than one or two for the simple reason that by the time I bake all these cookies, the smell of sugar and butter does send me screaming to the living room to inhale the pungent pine tree aroma. This Christmas may not be quite as bad since I have new diet restrictions and can’t even lick the beaters unless I go gluten and dairy free. Hard to do with cookies, right? But that’s another story.

Here's a better story. In the mid-1930’s my Grandmother, Ethel, a very good baker, entered all kinds of local bake-off contests in Northwestern Florida. She was well known for her cakes, but one year, and sadly I don’t know the date, she entered a chocolate chip cookie recipe in a local Pillsbury sponsored contest and won! She called the coo…

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