Spring is here, bringing cheer! by Catherine Lanigan & Rula Sinara

CATHERINE: Two years ago the winter was brutal with a polar vortex here in Northwestern Indiana with mean temperature at 40 below zero—not the wind chill, but that was the overnight low. The winter lagged on. Dull, grey, dreary days through February, March and most all of April. It didn’t warm up till July.

An elderly patient came to the dental office where I work and I was bemoaning our fate going through depressing days—(which I’m now ashamed that I complained)…and this lovely, very short lady, smiled brightly and put her hand on my arm. “The spring will come, dear. It always does.” 

And that is so true. Even now, in the eye of the storm of the pandemic, my yard is shooting out very early spring flowers. Robins had returned in major force, I have to say. I have bunnies romping through the yard at all times of the day. The squirrels scamper up the trees and chase each other, chattering away. Canada Geese sweep across the sky and roam the golf course across the street interfering…

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