A New Project by Tara Randel

Can you believe it’s June already? With so much going on in our country and around the world, time has certainly slipped by us. Still, life goes on and we continue to be grateful for the good things that come our way. And speaking of good news, I’m excited to announce that I just signed a four book contract with Heartwarming! 
I’m so thrilled because I love this line. Heartwarming checks all the boxes for the books I love to read; from humor to serious issues, messy family dynamics to those searching for a family, to the couples who learn to fall in love. And one important point I must add, I’ve meet many of the authors who write for Heartwarming and they are the most wonderful and awesome women you’ll ever meet!
In my future books, I’ll be featuring stories set in a small mountain town in the north Georgia mountains. My family and I have been traveling to this beautiful section of the country for years and when I first came up with the idea to create a town featuring some of the places…

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