The Heroes We Love--and Why by Helen DePrima & Liz Flaherty #Harleq

A while back, we blogged about our heroines. We figured it was the guys' turn this week. I was surprised at how much different it was for me choosing heroes than heroines. Hope you share yours!
by Helen DePrima
As the song goes, “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys,” or characters who behave according to the Cowboy Code. I still take down Shane, The Virginian, The Little Shepherdof Kingdom Come time and again to renew my faith in courage and steadfastness. I grew up reading Gene Stratton-Porter’s novels with their idealized male characters who set an impossibly high standard of manhood; later, I fell in love with Nils Sorensen, the stalwart hero in Elisabeth Ogilvie’s Bennett’s Island series.

Perversely, however, I find myself drawn to the Anti-Hero, men who duck and dodge and whine a bit while performing heroic acts. I loved James Garner as Maverick, whose motto was “He who fights and runs away, lives to run another day.” Alan Alda’s self-deprecating Hawkeye Pierce always stepped up …

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