The Countdown Begins by Tara Randel

  Can you believe Christmas is just a few weeks away? It’s time to start shopping, decorating the house and getting into the holiday spirit. As I was deciding what to write today, I got thinking about what makes Christmas so special to me. In one word; family. When my children were growing up, I couldn’t wait for this time of year. I enjoyed picking out their gifts, wrapping each one to place under the tree on Christmas Eve. My husband always told them he was Santa, but they never believed him. It was so much fun to listen to them argue the topic. Even when they were older and knew the truth, they just rolled their eyes because Dad was right. I loved the piles of torn up wrapping paper the cat would jump into, making a mess around the tree. And the smiles on my daughters’ faces when I opened the presents they’d made for me. You’d have thought the homemade gifts were worth hundreds of dollars the way they waited for my reaction. Actually, each gift was priceless. Or how about

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