Armchair Travels

Have you ever been to Maine? I haven’t, and yet somehow without ever setting foot in the state, I’ve fallen in love with Christmas Town. If you’re not familiar, Christmas Town, Maine is a fictional place which first appeared in the Christmas, Actually in a series stories by Anna Adams, Anna J. Stewart, and Melinda Curtis. Since that time, dozens of couples have found their happy-ever-afters there, and eight more will be finding romance this Valentine's Day. (More on that later.)
Christmas Town is a place I feel right at home. I know all about magic kissing gazebo, the famous window displays in Dockery’s Department store, and the peppermint pie at Posey’s Diner. I’ve seen couples skating on frozen Reindeer pond and the newly restored carousel. I know where to get a great cup of cocoa and a lemon-thyme scone.

Books have always transported me to new places. I’ve gone to Scotland with Rosamunde Pilcher and to English country houses with Agatha Christie. Other books have taken me to …

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