Now What, Dear Readers? by M. K. Stelmack

Not ten minutes ago, I sent off revisions for my third Heartwarming novel and third in my series, A True North Hero. I've still have a couple rounds left before it's officially a wrap, but I'm already antsy to start my next set of stories. Only, what to do? 
I still plan to set my stories in Spirit Lake, a fictional smallish town in Alberta, Canada with a lake not unlike the one in the town I live in:
Beyond that, I've let my imagination concoct all kinds of people and scenarios.
The one that has me scribbling madly in my notebooks (yes, I put pen to paper when brainstorming and dealing with gnarled, sticky plot problems and stubborn characters) centers on a radio station. I was inspired by the witty repartee by morning hosts on the local radio station. Hmmm...what if my morning hosts harbored romantic feelings that slipped into their commentary? What if the listening public picked up on their suppressed chemistry and now they're pressured to become a couple? But what…

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