Sit Down Saturday: Patricia Johns

My name is Patricia Johns, and I have a very thin skin.

I hate following the news, because my heart breaks for all the victims, and it always seems that there's a victim, doesn't it? There is very little good news that gets reported on.

As a "creative type," that thin skin gives me the sensitivity I need to follow the emotions I write on the page, but it real life it can get in the way. I work alone all day, so reading an upsetting news story can get me all worked up into knots with only my sensitive brain for company.

In my book this month, my heroine, Paige, is a social worker who has lost her thick skin. She used to be able to handle other people's pain, but not anymore. She's on stress leave because pouring her heart into her work has left her burned out. But when our hero comes on the scene with his newborn nephew, she just can't turn him down. He needs someone to show him the ropes in baby care, and she needs a quick "win" to hopefully ge…

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