What do you do with rejection? By Syndi Powell


It takes guts to write something whether it's a letter or a novel. It takes time, patience, but most of all it takes ambition to create it. It takes even more courage to send your writing out into the world. If you're sending it to a loved one, a critique partner or an editor, you have to believe in your work and yourself in order to submit it. It takes even more nerve to get a rejection and keep writing. A year ago, I submitted a proposal to my editor and waited to get her response. Unfortunately, she decided to pass on the project some months later. I then polished it, tailored it to a different romance line, and submitted it again to another editor. Recently, I discovered that they decided to pass on it too. So what do I do? Wallow in self pity and eat an entire carton of ice cream? That works for the first day, maybe. However, I'm trying to build a writing career, and wallowing will only take me so far. Instead, I let the pity…

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