A Great Big World (Callie Endicott)

The further away from young childhood I get, the more I appreciate the world around me.  I’ve always loved nature, but my first passion as a little girl was for the ocean.  Mountains were okay, but I was a beach kid.  I dreamed of living in a house overlooking the water, surrounded day and night by the sound of ocean waves.  

Along with the beach,
I adored cats large and small
and the bright cheer of 
wild poppies and sunflowers.

I still love the ocean, cats, poppies and sunflowers, but as I became a teenager, the soaring uplift of mountains, the solemn beauty of a redwood grove, and the utter peace of a meadow started taking hold of my consciousness.  

Each passing year has broadened my awareness.  And with that has come increased appreciation of other treasures, such as the saucy confidence of a blue jay, the shy wildness of wolves, and less showy plants, such as lupine, trillium and avalanche lilies. I'm enchanted by the shambling gait of a moose, a plump woodchuck, and a raccoon, sl…

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