This will be the year I... by Helen DePrima and Liz Flaherty

by Helen DePrima
I refuse to look back on 2018, filled with repeated crises and grinding anxieties. This year will be better; I hereby declare 2019 the Year of Accomplishment.
Time and age are tricky companions, sometimes slipping along together like autumn leaves floating on a quiet stream, sometimes pulling at cross purposes like a hitch of green mules the first time in harness. In childhood, time progresses in airy leaps: endless summers as viewed from the last day of school, eons spent waiting for Christmas morning, and then January till June, decades long instead of only a few months.
I have no sense of time passing during the years between marrying and seeing my youngest off to college, too busy raising children and saving for their education. I don’t remember turning thirty or forty, milestones that some apparently view as millstones. At fifty, something clicked in my brain: the future was no longer infinite. Still plenty of time to chase dreams, but with real determination. Somed…

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