Let's Hope This Works by Carolyn McSparron

Whew! I hope and pray this post makes it onto the heartwarming blog. If it does, I may never be able to post another. Thanks to all the heartwarming authors who have tried to hang in there with me when I found myself in a series of endless loops.
 I know I am supposed to be doing this on a certain date, but believe me, just getting on even if it's the wrong date is a miracle. Whoever's toes I am stepping on, please forgive me. I'll try top get it right next time.
I am in the midst of doing revisions for my upcoming Heartwarming currently called Taking the Reins. It's about a group of wounded veterans at a draft horse farm learning to drive carriages.  There really is a highly successful program like this in northern Virginia. You won't get rich driving draft horses, but it's amazing the number of jobs there are out there. All those people who drive carriages downtown in large cities (New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis) had to learn somewhere. And don't worry about the horses. They are the most pampered creatures you can imagine. Most of them work a week on and two weeks off. They are fat, sassy and sleek. And their drivers adore them.
When eventually they retire to the owner's big farm, the only problem is that they want to go back to work. They get lonesome for the lights and the people and will try to sneak onto the trailer going back downtown. How on earth they think an eighteen-hand Percheron or Clydesdale can sneak, I have no idea.
My driving mare is a sixteen-hundred black half-Shire. She hates to be ridden and has dumped me more times than I can count. But when she discovered driving, she loved it. Me too.

Please hang in there with me until I get my revisions done.  If you can actually read this, Hallallujah!


  1. Carolyn,
    We're so thrilled that you're on for good! And, I loved the info about horses. I didn't know they worked one week and then had two off. I loved the Clydesdale commercial from the Superbowl. It was my favorite. LOL< off topic but you had me thinking about horses.

  2. Carolyn - your book sounds wonderful! I've always worried about the horses used to pull carriages through Central Park and all the other places where they do that. It's a comfort to know that they're pampered. Your love of horses permeates your post, as I'm sure it does your book as well. I went to the races with my father when I was a teenager and loved to watch the horses run - they're so beautiful. I know we're talking about a different breed of horse - sort of like the difference between a Whippet and a Mastiff?? Good luck with the revision!

  3. Hi Carolyn! Terrific post and I cannot wait for your novel!! I love horses and a romance that heavily features them as an important part of the plot is irresistible :)

  4. Carolyn,
    You are a horse person through and through. I love watching horses run free in fields of deep grass. Here, unfortunately, so many people are suddenly unable to care for their horses. Instead of contacting a rescue ranch they are turning them out on the desert to fend for themselves. I just saw people talking about that on our local news last night. Like Pam I love seeing the Clydesdales with their big fluffy feet. Can't wait until your book comes out.

  5. Carolyn, can I get a work schedule like that? I'm feeling the need to be pampered. LOL

    Your novel sounds wonderful. I can't wait to read it!

  6. The book sounds wonderful. Although I'm terrified of horses--color me wimpy--I think they're beautiful.

  7. Hi Carolyn,

    Can't wait to read it! Great post:)



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