Hold those you love close - Carolyn McSpsraren

I had another blog written and ready to go, however, after today I scrapped it in favor of this one.

One of the members of my critique group, Phyllis Appleby, writes and performs mystery dinner theatre, and has for a number of years. She also is the caregiver for her 25 year old son, Paul, who has CP. He is a shining light for everyone who knows him, including an executive from Fedex who has raced with him for years--Paul in his chair, and his buddy running behind him pushing him. The pair are well known in local racing circles, and this year they qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Everyone rallied 'round to make this a good experience. Fedex took Paul's racing chair and other equipment to Boston and delivered them to his hotel. Someone else donated his airline ticket and helped with the hotel expenses and tickets for Phyllis and her husband, Paul's father.

Paul had never been on an airplane before and loved the experience. Phyllis kept the members of our local mystery writers group, Malice in Memphis, and our critique group up to date on where they ate, what they saw and the fun they were having.

Then came race day. We knew Phyllis and Bob planned to see Paul's finish, and he and his running buddy would not be among the first to cross the finish line. Then the news of the bombs hit every news channel. 

Suddenly the glorious day turned into horror for too many people.

We who love Paul and Phyllis were glued to the television searching to see if they were at the finish. Phyllis's cell phone didn't answer because the cell towers were shut down.
We worried and prayed for what seemed like forever, but was only an hour or so. Then Phyllis called. They were all safely in their hotel, and had been there since before the bombs went off.

Our friends are safe, but for so many others, one instant of vicious lunacy has changed their lives forever. Let us all hold our dear ones close tonight and say a prayer for those who can't. 


  1. Oh, Carolyn, what good advice. I had the most awful feeling your friend's son was among the victims - thank God, he wasn't. My morning dog walk is a time of prayer for me - for my family and loved ones, and I always add the victims of recent tragedies. It's upsettingly long right now. The Lybian Embassy, Hurricane Sandy, the fire at the factory in Bangladesh, the mall shooting near here in Portland, Newtown conn., the hostage situation in Algeria - and now Boston. Hopefully, our Heartwarming voices of love and understanding will one day turn all that around. Hugs to your friend.

  2. Carolyn,
    I couldn't believe the news yesterday, it's just so terrible. I'm glad to hear your friends are safe. The toll kept mounting, and who knows if the people in critical condition will make it through---all for them going to a sporting event to cheer on the good guys.
    Doesn't make sense.

  3. Gives me chills. My heart goes out to your friends and everyone who experienced a day of giving and hope ruined by those who take and are without hope.

  4. My heart stopped yesterday seeing the news. My agent, Stephany Evans is a runner and she actually participated last year in the race. Thankfully, this year she didn't. However, a lot of her friends did and as a runner myself, the ripple effect this has on the running community as a whole is devastating.My heart aches for everyone in Boston.


  5. I'm so glad your friends are safe and so resentful that these things are beginning to make us afraid. I raised my kids saying "go for it" about adventures, but I can't make myself say that to my grandkids. Their parents can, but it's costing them a lot to do it.

  6. My prayers go out to all the victims from the Boston terror attack and now the explosion in West, Texas. These events always serve as a reminder to not take a day for granted and to never miss an opportunity to tell your family and friends you love them.


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