It's 3 a.m.
Why am I awake?
It's because of the cat.

Me, I'm sleeping away when I feel a fur coat land on my face.
A loud noise in my ear.
A wet nose pokes at my hand.

You want to be petted at 3 a.m.

Well, there's always a positive.

I already knew what I wanted to blog about, I just needed time.
3 a.m. was not the time I expected, but hey, I'll take it.

I don't know about you, but time is a commodoty that I fight to have, manage, and save.

This week time has kicked my butt!

See, I have revisions due Wednesday. 

Did I tell you my sister was in town this weekend.  I get to see her only once or twice a year. Yup, we spent the weekend together (shopping!)

Tuesday the ladies that support our church's camp met (we're called Helping Hands), I'm secretary (Because when someone says I need a volunteer my hands goes up.  Bad hand.  Bad hand.  Oh, and I love our church camp.  I was a camp counselor there in my twenties and now my son goes.) Off I went.... Off I went after I got off work from my day job.

Oh, and my son's very first 'real' little league game was Wednesday (it went into overtime and we missed church... the game was a tie.)  Proud mama (me) goes up to the link fence (very hard to take pictures through) to film his first at bat.  He hit it solid!  You should see my video.  It's of my hand, the ground, the coach.  Not even my son's little finger made it into my video. <sigh>   He played on Friday, too.  I worked the snackbar.  I hear he played well. Alas, we lost.

Thursday I went to a funeral.  A man my age.  His mother is one of my all-time favorite people.  I'd need a whole blog to tell you how I feel.  Crying at 3 a.m. does not work for me so 'nuff said.' 

Sometimes I think my writing time is a visual of my fingers chasing the elusive computer keys like a child chasing a butterfly.

Oh, and btw, the cat that was so insistent that I arise and spend quality time with him (me petting; him purring) is done with me, disappeared, probably in sleeping next to my husband (Tyre the cat would never dream of waking hubby.)

So, what do you do with your time?


  1. Hi Pam,

    We currently have four cats in our house (my husband has split custody of two with his ex-wife and she's in Hawaii this week, so we have all four lol)and one of them wakes up every night at four thirty to walk up and down our hallway talking to himself-loudly lol:) I thought now that my son was sleeping through the night, I'd finally get some sleep-but not while this cat is visiting.
    Time-definitely do not have enough. In fact sometimes I start to panic when I think of all the future storylines I want to write, wondering if I'll have time to write them all:)
    I work a day job and then evenings are spent with our son until he goes to bed at 7, then its working out time and writing/editing...the next morning it starts again. Very busy, but I love my life.


    1. I have a nine-to-five also LOL. And I wish my son went to bed at seven. He's more a nine to bed.
      I forgot to add that my father in law went to the emergency room Saturday night and is still in the hospital. He'll be fine, but he scared us.

    2. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Hope he's able to leave the hospital soon, in good health:)
      My son is almost three lol, so when I say 7, I mean closer to 8 after story time, stinky-butt song time, pee time (for the tenth time) and need a drink time lol:)We have to start at 7, otherwise he would be up all night lol.

    3. Okay, teach me the stinky-butt song.
      I'm in a house of men; I never realized farting is a language among men (no matter the age!)

    4. lol, it's a spin-off of the 'Go away big green monster'. You can find it on youtube under Simple Songs. The guy sings-go away big green monster, spooky ghost, black cat, etc... We added our own lyrics to make Jacob laugh. The kid is facinated with stinky stuff:)

  2. I am ashamed to say that FINALLY, my time is pretty much my own. I don't have a cat that prowls the hallway, but I do have one that lands on my face every early, early morning - 4 a.m.-ish, but all I have to do is lift my blanket without even opening my eyes and he crawls in beside me. Once the purring subsides, I can go back to sleep. Up at 7:15, walk the dog, make breakfast, give Ron his shot and his pills, cursory clean-up, then up to the office. Break to make lunch, walk the dog, back to the office. Working day ends at 4:00. Walk the dog, watch the news, fix dinner, Ron's shot, marathons of 'Big Bang Theory' reruns, time to talk, have a cup of tea, another shot, more pills, Jay Leno's monologue, walk the dog only half a block for final comfort stop, then lights out. Weirdly, we got the dog to help Ron keep walking two years ago, at about the same time his diabetic neuropathy took serious hold and he couldn't do it anymore. So I'm the designated dog-walker - which is probably a good thing because I'm sure it's the only reason I don't weight 300 pounds. I love chocolate! If it's a comfort to you youngsters, retirement will come! Hang in there!

    1. We want to get a dog. I think boys should have dogs but am very aware that the dog will be mine, like the cat (which I wanted to be mine) and the fish (which I don't want to be mine).
      It's on hold until it's a burning desire from Mikey.

    2. Dogs are good for everyone, but you're probably wise to wait until he can bear more of the responsibility - because that would be yet another claim on your time! They're so good for the heart, though.

    3. I wish I were near you so we could walk together. That would be great fun.

    4. I'd like to walk with you, too! Loved today's post, Pam!

    5. Thanks, Liz.
      At 3 a.m. creativity is murky LOL

    6. That settles it! We absolutely have to do that Astoria weekend!

  3. Oh, Time. How I wish I had more of you...

    I have a similar relationship with my cat. She's decided that once the coffeemaker timer goes off, that it's time for me to get up. Not my husband. Me. She will claw the side of my bed by my head until I get up, pet her, feed her, pet her head one more time then I'm allowed to pour myself a cup of coffee. The dog, on the other hand, will stay in bed long after my husband and I have gotten up and started the day.

    And isn't it always the week we have revisions due that birthday parties, holidays, family visits, ball games, etc. are scheduled?

    Great post, Pam.

    1. I love cats.

      And, yes, but really my life is chaotic all the time.

  4. Oh Pam- I've had many of those 3 a.m. kitty calls! Your writing voice is so strong I hear you next to me as I read. I can't wait to read your novel! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It is such a reminder of how precious our time is, and despite your hectic schedule, you use it to such advantage that I can't imagine how you manage... oh wait... you are up writing a blog at 3 a.m.- but what else is a mother, author, professional, and hand-raising volunteer to do?! Pam. I'm a fan! 'nuff said ;)

    1. Hehehe, Karen you are sooo funny. Your voice shines through too.


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