Mother's Day: Mothers in Our Novels

Write what you know....

We writers get that advice (and give it!) alot.

Most romance writers are mothers, and even the ones who are not, had a mother or mother figure.  So, yes, these wonderful women influence us.  They make us think, better us, expect more from us, and best of all, they applaud.

Below are some references to mothers taken from upcoming Heartwarming books.  Enjoy and anticipate. 

First, we have an excerpt from Annie's Neighborhood, a July 2013, BRAND-NEW Heartwarming by Roz Denny Fox.
Annie reflected back to a rainbow hue of babies she’d held, rocked, or bounced on her knee during her tenure in LA. Some were so adorable she recalled telling coworkers she wished she could take one home. Their usual response was to tell her to get a puppy. And they’d all laugh. Still, sometimes her biological clock ticktocked like crazy. She shook her head hard to clear it, trying not to think about a baby of her own. In these all too familiar fantasies her baby’s father stood shrouded in mist. 

     Life had taught Annie she could raise a child alone.  Many mothers she'd met did fine.  But not her.  Annie always swore she wouldn't.

Second, we'll go to an excerpt from Katie's Rescue, an August 2013, BRAND-NEW Heartwarming by Pamela Tracy.

 Setup:  Hero (Luke) and Heroine (Katie) talking about caring for a sick animal. 

Katie looked back at the zoo's infirmary.  “Jasper said that I learned how to mother from my own mother, and that as long as I did a good job, then Mom was with me.”

“Jasper said all that?”  Luke was amazed.  “I can hardly get more than a five word sentence from him.”

“I’d forgotten until now.”  

“Sometimes our memories return when we need them most.”

She looked at him, brow wrinkled.  “Trying to be a poet?”

“No, trying to understand you.”

Third is an excerpt from The Reluctant Bachelor, another August 2013 BRAND-NEW Heartwarming by Syndi Powell.

He felt his mom put her hand on his shoulder. Turned to see her watching him, love shining at him. He knew that had never changed. Would never change. He gave her a soft smile. “None of this makes sense, right?”

    “Son, I stopped trying to make sense of things a long time ago.” He chuckled as she continued. “What matters to me is that you are happy. That you are healthy.” She started to walk away. “And that you make me a grandmother.”

    Thanks, Mom. Nothing like adding more pressure to the process.
Fourth is an excerpt from Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock. A September 2013 BRAND-NEW Heartwarming from Karen Rock.    
     “Please don’t embarrass me, Gran. We’re just friends.”
     Lines burst around her elder’s pursed lips. “Ach. As if I could embarrass anyone. I speak the truth is all. Can we go inside now instead of standing on the stoop like beggars?”
     Christie looked down at the Persian rug before Eli’s double doors and smiled. A far cry from her grandmother’s old immigrant neighborhood. Gran’s struggles in life had taught the woman to speak her mind. It wasn’t in Christie’s power to change that now. Nor would she want to.

Last, but not least, is an excerpt From Orange Blossom Brides, August 2013, BRAND-NEW Heartwarming release by Tara Randel

So, something was wrong. Lilli had suspected it all along. Let’s face it, her mother had never run out on a fund-raising benefit before. Why would she now?
“Mom, what’s going on?”
“I need time, Lillian. Just time.”
“Let’s focus on the task at hand. If you have any logistical problems, ask for Klaus, the club manager, or his assistant, Tom.”
 “Got it.”
 “Then that’s everything for today. What do you think?”
 “You’re asking me what I think?” That never happened.
 “Why, yes. You’re handling things during my absence. I know it’s a lot of last-minute work, but you’re more than capable. “
  Wow. She’d never heard that either. “It’s all under control. No worries, Mom.”
 “Good. Show them the Barclay backbone.”
These excerpts intrigued me.  Makes me wonder how many of the books I read have poignant messages about mothers. Makes me want to go back and look.

Can you remember reading anything about a mother that made you go, "Awww."
Or, have you personally written anything... 'do tell'


  1. These passages are wonderful, ladies! I can't wait to read your books :) And the release dates are getting closer and closer....

  2. I loved these excerpts...they remind me so much of my own mother, especially the one about "the added pressure." Mom's are always there with a word of encouragement and when needed, a kick in the pants....gotta love them!

    1. Rose,
      Glad you stopped by. You're right. Gotta love em, and gotta home our own feel the same way.

  3. Happy Mother's Day!!!

    I am anxiously awaiting July to start reading the new books (not that the current ones are bad because they're not. They're good!). Especially after reading these excerpts, my "books to buy" list has grown!

  4. Great excerpts:) Can't wait to read the books!


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