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It’s a beautiful, sunny spring afternoon in Toronto as I sit down to write this—almost too hot for spring!—and it seems more than fitting to thaw out after a decidedly long winter with the new collection of May Heartwarming books. On the first Monday of every month, I’m going to blog here and celebrate the release of the new stories. This, my debut month, I’ve cheated(!)...and asked each of the in-house editors who worked on these books to help me by giving us a little extra insight into each wonderful story. – Victoria Curran

 Here’s what our intrepid Toronto editing team had to say:

Hometown Sheriff by Cheryl St. John
Hometown Sheriff by Cheryl St. John
I’d take the boy-next-door over the arrogant billionaire any day of the week, and a hero like Nick from Hometown Sheriff is the perfect example of why. He’s sweet and loyal and honorable…and ultimately irresistible! – Adrienne Macintosh
Maggie’s Way by Lee McKenzie
Maggie’s Way is the fun and charming tale of free-spirited Maggie Meadowcroft, who falls for the gorgeous but standoffish carpenter she hires to renovate her home. Nick Durrance is starting to let down his guard, until he realizes that while he’s been working on the house, Maggie’s been working on him! – Laura Barth
Found at Sea by Anne Marie Duquette
In Found at Sea by Anne Marie Duquette, a treasure-hunter and a scuba instructor team up to find a Spanish Galleon that’s been missing for more than two hundred years. Jordan Castillo may be the rightful heir to the lost gold, but Aurora Collins knows where to find it. She and Jordan work together to find the treasure, but neither of them imagines that their search for gold will lead them to another, much more valuable prize….  – Dana Grimaldi
Roots in Texas by K.N. Casper
You won’t be able to resist K.N. Casper’s beautifully written Roots in Texas. When Kayla Price tries to create a new life for herself and her daughter, she ends up creating a therapeutic riding program with her neighbor, Ethan Ritter. But just as things are looking up, she learns someone in town is determined to get rid of her and her family—and they aren’t above sabotage. – Laura Barth
 We are very eagerly working ahead to contract new and exciting stories for Heartwarming, the contemporary line of romances, 70,000 to 75,000 words, where the attraction is far more than simply physical, and emotional tenderness is a priority over sensuality. Until June, keep writing! – VC


  1. You've talked me into rearranging my tbr pile. The only one I've read is K.N.'s.

    The covers rock, too!

  2. These all sound awesome! And, I agree, I fell in love with the heartwarming covers when I saw them. They are beautiful!


  3. I can't wait to read these amazing stories! I might be a little partial to the scuba team because my fear of diving underwater is something I want to conquer and I'm fascinated by the ocean. All sound wonderful and the covers are so beautiful . Heartwarming is another homerun for Harlequin! Thanks for sharing them, Victoria.

  4. I'm so glad to see Anne Marie Duquette here as we knew each other going back a long long time ago to when we both wrote Harlequin Romance books. All of the stories sound good, and I can vouch for Ken's.

  5. It's been in the 80's on the Oregon Coast all weekend! And it's a little cooler today, but still sunny and gorgeous. This is unheard for us in May! I think I'll take over my husband's Kindle and settle down on the porch for a Heartwarming marathon. That cute sherrif first, or the treasure hunters??

  6. Beautiful covers!!!! Heartwarming books rock!

  7. Hi, guys! I have to say I love Ken's cover. The girl on the horse totally looks like my niece when she was younger and the love in her expression is priceless. I think there are some really great covers coming out for Heartwarming--hope you all like yours!

  8. I love these covers and of course, the stories. Can't wait until I have time to read them!!!


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