Where Has the Time Gone by Tara Randel

I can’t believe it is May! Last time I looked at the calendar I swear it was March. 

Working on a deadline keeps me on my toes. I get so caught up in the writing process I forget that life is still going on around me. That’s why I keep a daily planner next to my computer. Not only does it help me keep track of my days, but at the end of the each day I record my word count so I can monitor my writing progress. The planner also helps me keep track of upcoming book deadlines or reminds me where I am in the publishing process so I stay on top of my projects. 


When I start a new project, I really need to manage my time. Creating characters, making sure I have a strong storyline and an outline to keep the pace moving are time consuming, but a critical part of my process. Once I’ve done all that, I begin to write. The calendar is still there to keep me moving along, making sure I get to the next goal.

My mind gets so entrenched in my work-in-progress that I forget the little things like laundry. (Okay, no one needs an excuse to miss laundry.) But there are still necessary things like dinner and keeping groceries in the house that I still have to attend to. Thankfully my husband is on board with my career and never complains.

You certainly don’t have to be a writer to handle time management. Being a working Mom, carpooling the kids and keeping up with the family schedule is enough to make you rely on a calendar.  And if you’re anything like me, you’re wishing for more hours in the day.

I’m looking forward to a free day so I can sit back and read a book without being interrupted. I plan on making enjoying a Harlequin Heartwarming book. Guess I need to pencil that into my planner.


  1. Tara - planners are wonderful. I use just a check-book-size calender that fits in my purse (and my purse is always beside me at the computer) because I CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING! If I buy Christmas gifts early, I make a note on Dec. 1 "Gifts in tote under the stairs." Helps a lot for those of us who CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING!

  2. Tara, I foolishly thought after I quit my day job that I would be done with a day planner. Well, that lasted about a month and I felt so "off schedule" I had to go back to the ways of the more organized. Now the challenge is to keep my many calendars updated the same. I keep one by my computer. One in my purse, one in my kitchen on the wall, and one in my bedroom where I jot things if I grab that phone.
    Muriel, that's a good idea, listing gifts you buy early. I've lost more than one in the dungeon of my closet.

  3. Hi Tara!

    I also can't wait to have time to enjoy more reading! I have two family trips planned this summer and I intend to buy a bunch of the Heartwarming books and read on the plane, by the pool, on the rides at Disney...lol. Can't wait!


  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't remember anything and needs a planner, and who can't wait to spend time reading!

  5. I write three pages a day. So, M is 1-3 T is 4-6 W is 7-10, etc. I write the pages down and I cross them off. If I fall behind, I have to work weekends. If I get ahead, I retabulate and keep writing three a day.

  6. Hi Tara! This was a reminder of just how busy a writer's life can be. I have a pocket calendar that I would hate to lose because I basically run my life from it. Like you, I wish there were more days in the week. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's Heartwarming's too:) they all sound great.


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