Suspense is my First Love Really

Suspense isn't always that lose your breath, feel chased, need to get to freedom scenario.

Or is it?

I'm going to plot last evening via the Hero's Journey.

Ordinary World = Mom (me)  Dad (hubby) and Son (Mike).

Call to Adventure = Dad has to work so Mom has to take son to Cub Scout meeting. 

Refusal = This meeting is called "Building a radio from scratch!"  Mom tells Dad to go late to work.  Dad laughs.

Meeting the Mentor=  Mom calls a friend who has an older boy who is a boy scout.  Older boy invited to the meeting.

Crossing the Threshold = Arrive at meeting.  Have to use Suri.

Tests, Allies, Enemies =   Get handed Kit for ages 8 and above.  Mike is 8.    Very few pictures in book, small print.  Son hasn't eaten yet, and there's still homework waiting at home.

Approach = Mom purchases two radio kits hoping Son will ape older boy.  Nope, too hard.  Soon three    people are working on one kit.

Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth = There's a long coil (brass) that has to be wound around what looks like a red toilet roll holder.  Oh no, we've got a knot!  Oh, no, we've over lapped!  Take the whole thing apart and start again.

Reward = Finished coiling the toilet paper roll.  Notice most people are at the same place we are.

The Road Back = Try to read the rest of the directions, do something strange with sand paper but see no purpose to it, stick long rods through holes.  Rods fall out.

Resurrection = Decide to put everything into a box and take it home to Dad!

Return with Elixir = Treat both boys to ice cream after meeting and decide that the failure to create the radio was the radios fault since no one managed to complete.

And, yes, this is how a romance author spends her evening.  Stay tuned for tonight's adventure:  Taking Grandpa to Peter Pipers.


  1. Pam, I tell you, you have too much fun. LOL

    1. Fun? I didn't have no 'stinkin' fun! Last time I took Mike to Cub Scouts we had to tie knots. ARGGG Luckily, the next meeting is the cake bake-off. Truly, I'm up for that.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL, someday I'll look back and wish I were doing it again, but I'll never wish I was trying to build a radio.

  3. I just bought the hero's journey, Pam, and can't wait to read it after your terrific post!! I love how you mapped out your evening. So cute :)

  4. Pam, you are such a heroine! I consider anything electric or electronic to be magic. It's all difficult enough to try to figure out for yourself, but to try to guide a child through it is above and beyond. But, you're also such a writer! You turned it all to good use. Brava!

  5. My husband could have done this activity with his eyes closed!

  6. Pam, you'll be plotting my next book, thanks!

    1. LOL, if only my books fell so neatly into the Hero's Journey. heheh

  7. Pam, this is a hilarious use of the Hero's Journey. And the thing is, you made me understand it better than when I studied it in a writing class. LOL

  8. lol. Thanks for sharing. That was the most fun class I've been to in years!


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