It's Goodreads Day!

Remember that old song? "It's good news week, someone dropped a bomb somewhere..."

Okay, you're younger than me and don't remember. Sigh. Anyway, instead of Good News, we're inviting you over to Goodreads...right here...Wholesome Romance - Harlequin Heartwarming

For example - today is also International Coffee Day! So Cerella Sechrist has decided to give away a copy of her first Heartwarming title, GENTLE PERSUASION (which takes place on a coffee plantation in Kona, Hawaii) along with a $5 Starbucks gift card on our Goodreads group.

Come on over and say hello, play some games, read up on what's new from Heartwarming in JUST TWO DAYS' TIME! Oh, sorry, didn't mean to shout, but that's when October books are out and one of them is mine.

If you stay a while, there's always great conversation!


  1. Every month we give away books and let's not forget the monthly book chats. So much fun over there :)

  2. I popped over and dropped in on the conversation about fall. I've been seriously absent from Goodreads this year. And gosh, this year is passing fast.

  3. And you're right, Liz, there's a giveaway up now for National Coffee Day! Readers can enter to win a copy of my Heartwarming novel, GENTLE PERSUASION (set on a Kona coffee plantation in Hawaii) along with a $5 Starbucks gift card.

  4. I LOVE Goodreads!! It's such a great website for authors and readers.

  5. Haven't been on Goodread, yet, but I'll look into it.

  6. I am on Goodreads but am just joining this group. I stumbled around there for a while but couldn't find the exact name. So now, here I come!

  7. Coffee addict here. Drinking a cup of Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Swirl...

    1. Green Mountain is good in all its incarnations!

  8. Coffee addict here as well...Colombian mixed with hazelnut and a dash of Bailey's Almond toffee....


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