Celebrating 2014: One Month at a Time

We want to thank all the readers who have picked up a Heartwarming novel this year. There are so many books out there to choose from and we are thankful you have chosen some of ours! We plan to bring you more wonderful reads in 2015. Our January books sound amazing and are available now. 

But first, we give one final salute to the 2014 Heartwarming books with the help of some of our friends ;)


The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine
Cake books aren't the best for reading, but they taste delicious!
The Promise of Rain by Rula Sinara
Sweet Rula signed her books at the National RWA conference this year.

A Minute on the Lips by Cheryl Harper
Who wouldn't want to snuggle up with a good book and this guy?
Just Like Em by Marion Ekholm
Dreams did come true!

The Paris Connection by Cerella Sechrist
Two out of two pugs agree - The Paris Connection is fabulous!

Saving Alyssa by Loree Lough
Loree is cooking up more stories for her Heartwarming readers!

Mountains Apart by Carol Ross
Carol's first box of books. Her pup was almost as excited as she was!


Love Shadows by Catherine Lanigan
Gorgeous lady, beautiful cover, and a lovely read.

Eva's Deadline by Linda Hope Lee
Sweet and heartwarming xoxo
What Janie Saw by Pamela Tracy
Janie taught she saw a putty tat!


Return to Pelican Inn by Dana Mentink
Who's looking forward to the second book in the Love by Design series? Me!

If I Love You by Leigh Riker
We love this book and this bear :)

Magnolia Bride by Tara Randel
Tara's book was featured at the National RWA Conference this year. Beautiful!

Heart's Desire by Catherine Lanigan

Matthew's Choice by Patricia Bradley
This sweet little doll loves Patricia's books as much as we do.

The Better Man by Amy Vastine
Look for more from the Chicago Sister in 2015!


Back to McGuffey's by Liz Flaherty
Iron? Read? Decisions, decisions!

The Parent Trap by Lee McKenzie
Panda's and parent traps. A perfect combination!


A Child's Christmas by Kate James
The perfect Christmas present!

Christmas Actually by Anna Adams, Anna Stewart, and Melinda Curtis
Georgie's Next Read!
Barbie's next read, as well!

Holiday Homecoming by Pamela Tracy
This little guy is a big fan. He can't put it down :)

A League of Her Own by Karen Rock
This pup is in a league of her own!

Now She's Back by Anna Adams
We hope you'll all be back! Thanks for supporting us.
A little flashback to July 2013
(Because it's so stinkin' cute)

Annie's Neighborhood by Roz Denny Fox


  1. I love the calendar. And I want Karen's puppy.

  2. I love this look back at some of these 2014 releases! And I'm specially fond of the "two out of two pugs agree" one! LOL! :) Thanks, Pam and Amy!

  3. Beautifully done, Pam and Amy! That was such fun - love the peek inside our sisters' lives. Roz, is that the twins?

  4. This was such a great idea! And thanks to Pam and Amy for all this work at The holidays when time is so incredibly precious. Here's to a rousing 2015 for all of us. Heartwarming ladies are the very very best. A big hug to everyone. I am so honored to be a part of this circle.

  5. What fun! Thank you, Pam and Amy!

  6. It was fun :)

    And I looked at the first photo and thought

    You CAN have your cake and read it too.

  7. This was a great idea and I love seeing all the cute pets!


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