Mothers Deserve to be Spoiled

Would you like to celebrate Mother's Day with Harlequin Heartwarming books, a Mother’s Day brunch or spa, and Harlequin MyRewards points? We'll be announcing the details of our giveaway in our May 3rd post.

Watch for it and join in the fun!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Our lovely Mother's Day gift is just the ticket. Good luck to everyone entering the contest.

  2. Love this poster! And the prizes are awesome.

  3. Every day, I find new reasons to feel honored and proud to be a Heartwarming author! One of these days, I hope to meet ALL of you in person so I can prove it with a big hug!

    1. Are you planning to be in NYC for RWA 2015? It would be a terrific opportunity to meet at least some of us!

      Unless I'm mistaken, you have the most books published of any of us. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person, Loree.

    2. Oh, I wish I COULD be in NYC this year! I'd love the chance to give every one of yas a big ol' happy-to-know-ya squeeze in person! I hope those of you who will be there are planning to share lots of pictures! :-) Here's hoping everyone has a terrific weekend!


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