Cover reveal and two more books! by Amie Denman

Dear Heartwarming Readers,

I can't wait for January 1, 2016.

New Years is a favorite holiday for me and I always make a frivolous resolution. In the past four years my resolutions have been:

1. Play the lottery every week
2. Make a new cake recipe every week (my kids loved the year of cake)
3. Go barefoot more often
4. Have more fun

I'm starting out 2016 by having lots of fun: my first Heartwarming novel Under the Boardwalk releases on New Year's Day! This novel takes place at a summer resort and amusement park. I always think falling in love is fun, and with sand and thrill rides in the background, you can't go wrong!

Just yesterday, I received this cover art from my wonderful editor Dana with permission to share:

Thank you to the talented and professional cover artists and editorial staff at Harlequin! They captured the mood of summer love with the images and colors of this cover, and I couldn't be happier with it.

In addition to revealing this cover, my editor called yesterday with news I've been waiting (patiently...I promise) to hear. Harlequin Heartwarming has contracted the next two books in the Starlight Point Stories! While Under the Boardwalk tells the story of Jack Hamilton as he takes over his family's amusement park Starlight Point, the next two books are about his sisters June and Evie. I can't wait to share their stories with you.

Although I've made silly New Year's resolutions in the past, I'm going to make a serious one this year: keep writing novels in which falling in love is fun!

Is it too early to think about New Year's resolutions? Do you make resolutions and keep them? Make them and break them? Take it seriously? Have fun with it? I'd love to hear your take on New Year's resolutions if you'd leave a comment. I'll be busy getting a head start on my 2016 resolution by writing a love story, the best kind of story.


  1. Congratulations on your first Heartwarming book. That is a very cute, fun cover. The story sounds very interesting. I can only imagine what it would be like to run an amusement park. As for New Years Resolutions, sorry, I don't make them.

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming release, Amie. We get to share a book birthday. The second book in my K-9 trilogy, WHEN LOVE MATTERS MOST, also releases on January 1.

    To add to the excitement, readers will be able to pick up our books at their local Walmart stores in February.

    Also, congratulations on the contract for your next two books!

  3. Congratulations on your book (and it's truly dishy cover!) and on the new contract, too!

  4. What a gorgeous cover! Can't wait to read! Congrats!

  5. Congratulations - on the super cover and the contract! I always make resolutions but rarely keep any of them.

  6. Amie - congratulations on your first book and cover! It's wonderful, and what a great place an amusement park is to fall in love - al that spinning and wild rides! My birthday is January 1st so I always make resolutions - sometimes fun ones, also serious ones, and always try to keep them. I try to be stronger, braver, skinnier - sometimes I make it as far as May or June. But I keep trying. Congrats, again. That's so special.

  7. Love the cover and Congrats on your first book with Heartwarming! It's a great place to be, especially now that readers can get them at Walmart!!

  8. Love the cover and Congrats on your first book with Heartwarming! It's a great place to be, especially now that readers can get them at Walmart!!

  9. Amie, Congratulations! The book sounds like so much fun. I love amusement parks! Like Muriel, my birthday is January 1st. So New Year's is pretty special to me, too. Always make a resolution. Mine are usually something broad like spend more time with my family or call my friends more often.

  10. Congratulations, Amie! That's wonderful news. I love the cover!
    I don't make resolutions, but I do pick one word as my mantra. This year it was focus.

  11. I'm terrible with resolutions but I love that cover!

  12. That is one splendid fabulous cover! Reminds me of being 16 again. Super congrats on the next two books. Are you nervous??? Just kidding. I'm so happy for you!!!

  13. Thanks so much for your comments and well-wishes, everyone! I'm so happy to be here at Harlequin Heartwarming where the books are wonderful and the people are every bit as nice as they seem!
    And yes, Catherine, I'm a little squishy inside! I can't wait to see Under the Boardwalk on the shelf at Walmart. That has long been my definition of "making it" as an walk into a store and see my book on the shelf! As for the contract for the next two books, I'm sweaty-palmed, afraid of letting down my wonderful editor, but so excited for the opportunity.

  14. Awesome cover, and I'm looking forward to seeing my January one, too!
    Congrats on the next two contract. Yeahhhhhhh

  15. That really is a sweet cover. Looking forward to it.


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