Warm Your Heart This Election Season...

Sorry for the late posting folks, the computer Gods are definitely not smiling on me lately but I thought it's better to post late than never.

You would think that election time would be interesting in Washington DC but it’s not. Having lived here for over twenty years, what I find fascinating is the lack of election focus in the nation’s capital. While TV networks obsess over the Presidential nominees, robo calls burn up the phone lines, and mailboxes overflow with literature; Washington DC drums on with its usual madness.

So I thought, what would happen if a media-shy college professor discovered she was the daughter of a Senator in a high stakes election race? And lucky for me, Harlequin Heartwarming was able to time the release around election season.

The book cover and back copy is below but I thought for today’s post I’d share a little Washington DC with you to get you in the mood for this book.

Fun facts that aren’t advertised in the guidebooks:

1)     When the motorcade rolls by or we see the Presidential helicopters, tourists stop and stare wide eyed but most Washingtonians just get annoyed. Why? Because it snarls our already horrific traffic.


2)     You are more likely to find CNN on the TV at the bar than ESPN and rarely a person in jeans and t-shirt. Most people who live in DC are very transitional, here for two to eight years and they come from someplace else. With a variety of sports loyalties, the only unifying theme for the business suited office workers  that flock to bars and restaurants for drinks and meals is politics.

3)     When the radio announcers talk about how the “DMV is jammed” they’re talking about the traffic in DC, Maryland and Virginia; the metro area that feeds DC.

4)     There is a beltway that loops around the city. The signage feels like it was written by Dr Seuss. You often have to take the East exit to go North and a minor exiting mistake can cost you hours in traffic.

5)     You can get away with murder in DC but not parking illegally. The meter maids are relentless and make good money given the signage.

This little fact is in the guidebooks but I’ll mention it—most of the major museums are free. That’s right—free. You can see the Hope diamond, the space shuttle, even the baby panda at the national zoo and not have to pay a dime (unless you want to donate).

So here’s the book.

I’m also running a promo to send a free canvas bag to all those who order it before October 1. Just send a picture of your receipt to Readers@SophiaSasson.com with your mailing address. And visit my website www.SophiaSasson.com for a free eBook and more.

So tell me, what do you want to know about Washington DC?

I’m also running a promo to send a free canvas bag to all those who order it before October 1. Just send a picture of your receipt to Readers@SophiaSasson.com with your mailing address.


  1. Thanks for those fast facts about DC. Very interesting. I love the museums there. We went to the Smithsonian several years ago. Congratulations on your new book. ( :

    1. The Smithsonian really is a national treasure.

  2. I've visited Washington a few times on business and find it a fascinating place. Your mention of museums reminded me how much I love the Smithsonian. I bet I could spend a week just wandering through the museums . . . and enjoying the fantastic restaurants.

    The Senator's Daughter sounds terrific, Sophia! Congratulations and best wishes with it.

  3. I love the Smithsonian, too, and the Lincoln Memorial. Looking forward to the book.

  4. I'm like Kate, I've visited a few times. I mostly remember the odd traffic circles. Here in AZ, we call them traffic calming, but not a chance can you cal them traffic calming LOL. I love the subway system though. I figured it out in just a day.
    Your book sounds great :) I love secrets and intrigue.

  5. Sophia, I just finished reading The Senator's Daughter last night and was wondering how to tell everyone what a wonderful book it is. I have such an aversion to this year's election, but you have insights I found very interesting. Are you doing the Captain living in Brazil next???

  6. Wow, Sophia. What interesting stuff. I've never been to DC, but my younger son went and all he could talk about when he came home was the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the difficult traffic. (And he's a long-distance truck driver!) Your cover is so elegant. I'd never survive where you can't dress casually. Thanks for the interesting post and congratulations on the book!

  7. What great timing, Sophia! I'm going to be in Wash DC for a wedding in a few weeks and have exactly one day (most of one day) to do some sightseeing--I had no idea most of the museums are free! Awesome! Thanks for the info! :) And yay on the new release!

  8. I've never been to DC, but I read that Seattle's traffic is right up there with DC's, so I know what you mean about that. Your book sounds great, and I'm looking forward to reading it.

  9. Having grown up in Northern Virginia, right outside of DC, I enjoyed this post, Sophia. I look forward to reading your book!

  10. I loved going to the Smithsonian! I walked down to the subway from this beautiful old hotel that I can't remember the name of and caught the train and spent all day at the museums. Then I went back the next day. Can't wait to read The Senator's Daughter!


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