Where Have All The September Books Gone? by Amy Vastine

New month usually means new books, right?

Well ...

Usually that is true, but this month Heartwarming is going through some ... changes. Unless you are a subscriber to our books via Harlequin's Reader Service, there are no new books for purchase until October. Which makes joining the Reader Service such a great idea! You get all four Heartwarming books delivered to your house one month before they go on sale to the general public. That's right. If you join, you could get all four October books in September!
We're still going to have some fun around here, don't get me wrong. All September long, we'll be here talking about books, life, and sharing some laughs. And come October, we have some fantastic books and an exciting giveaway coming your way!

No new books in September simply means that October is going to be that much sweeter!


  1. A month without Heartwarming is like a month without sunshine! But authors are all still here, and we'll bring our own light. Still, can hardly wait for October!

    1. It's a great time to catch up on backlist books anyone might have missed! :-)

  2. My TBR pile is piling higher all the time, due to the backlisted books I'm finally able to read! This also gives me a chance to catch up. And you are so right, Muriel, we authors are still working away at our computers to bring even more Heartwarming books to our loyal and wonderful readers!

  3. I agree with everyone. A little time to catch up is okay with me. I'm reading a lovely one now by Eleanor Jones. Can't wait to see how it ends, and to review it. I love Heartwarming!!!!

  4. Thanks for your excellent explanation, Amy! I was a little confused about it. I'm ready to settle in with a great book and watch the leaves turn. Happy September!

  5. Amy, I haven't received my shipment yet from Reader Service, so maybe we won't get the next books until October. I've read all of the great August releases. They're awesome!

  6. Funny, just yesterday I went to purchase the monthly 4-pack, and it wasn't there! I looked and looked through Amazon, then bounced over to the Harlequin site and saw there were no September books. I'm not sure I understand why, but at least I'm not crazy.

  7. Always love Heartwarming books. I usually buy them in the store. If the mailman could find my motorhome, I'd order them. LOL

  8. October is my favorite month, so this makes it even sweeter! And yes, the chance to catch up on reading backlist, Heartwarming books is great! There's always a positive side to all ;).


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