Saturday, February 18, 2017

Your Reading Wish List

Are you looking for some great books to read each month in 2017.  
Here are some current and upcoming novels by our Heartwarming authors.  Feel free to print this list, keep it tucked in your purse, and take it out every once in awhile to remind you, "Yes, this is what I need to read today!" Don't forget, you can preorder the books in both print and e-book format several months in advance of their release date.

Your Reading Wish List

The Husband She Can't Forget by Patricia Forsythe

A Cowboy to Keep by Karen Rock

Her Texas Rebel - by LeAnne Bristow

Sanctuary Cove by Kate James

The Wedding March by Tara Randel

A Song for Rory by Cerella Sechrist

Holding Out for a Hero, Scorpion Falls series, Book One, by Pamela Tracy
Protecting the Single Mom by Catherine Lanigan

His Twin Baby Surprise by Patricia Forsythe

Last Chance Cowboy by Leigh Riker

A Baby on His Doorstep by Roz Denny Fox (Harlequin Western)
Girl in the Spotlight, Two Moon Bay series book one, by Virginia McCullough
Family of his Own by Catherine Lanigan 
Home to Stay, San Diego K-9 Unit series, by Kate James
Afraid to Lose Her, Book #1 Hope Center Stories series, by Syndi Powell
The Charm Offensive by Cari Lynn Webb
The Alaskan Catch, Northern Lights series book one, by Beth Carpenter
A Dad for Charlie, A Butterfly Harbor Novel, by Anna J. Stewart
The Sergeant's Temptation, by Sophia Sasson
For Love of a Dog by Janice Carter

A Priceless Find, sequel to a Child’s Christmas, by Kate James

A Cowboy’s Way, Rocky Mountain Cowboys series Book One, by Karen Rock

It was Written in the Stars, by Liz Flaherty
Mica's Baby, (working title) by Catherine Lanigan
Playing Reindeer Games, Northern Lights series Book Two by Beth Carpenter


  1. Oooh, so many terrific reads to look forward to!

  2. 2017 is looking very hopeful and heartwarming!

  3. This is wonderful!! Thanks for the list. I'm going to print it off. I always have to go to to look for the newest releases, and sometimes there's no cover art yet. Just bought Amie Denman's Meet Me on the Midway. I think it released this month. ( :

  4. This is a great idea, and all the books look wonderful!

  5. What a nice way to exhibit our list of books for the new year. Pam, thank you for getting this together. It's true if you want something done, ask a busy person. That is you for sure.

  6. 2017 looks like a promising new year.

  7. Yeah for us in 2017! I have a book in August, but no final title yet. Congratulations to everyone and in the frantic rush of getting it all done, stop to think about the time before you sold your first book, when this what what you dreamed of, and think about how cool it is that here you are!

  8. Thanks for doing this, Pam. Great idea. Forgot to say, my May book, Last Chance Cowboy, is book 2 of my new series Kansas Cowboys. Book 1, The Reluctant Rancher, came out in October. This whole list needs to go on my TBR pile!

  9. This is a great list to start of the new year! And some gorgeous covers, too! :)

  10. It looks as though 2017 is going to be a great year for readers. Bring on the books!

  11. Looks like a great line up of fun books to read. Yay! Thanks Pamela.

  12. I love the list and the IHeart Book graphic at the bottom. That would make a great sticker to put on so many things.

  13. This was such a great idea, Pam. I love that we do have so many covers already and our titles! I have a December release, but don't know the title and of course, no cover. My Amazon order arrived yesterday and JUST in time! I need more Heartwarming to get me through these foggy, dreary days!
    Also, DITTO, Muriel! It's so easy to get caught up in the now and forget what it was like before we were part of our fabulous Heartwarming family. We are so very blessed!

  14. This is so fun! Thanks for sharing, Pam. And WOW, what pretty covers you posted up there!

  15. I'm thinking we'll update once a month.
    And, don't thank me, thank Kate. I came up with the idea and asked for titles and even added a "few" covers. Kate took what I had and created something beautiful. She's also the one who decided to post it periodically. Go Kate!

  16. Hooray for Kate! I love seeing our list and the new covers as they come in. Good job!