Can we FOOL you in April?

Howdy Harlequin Heartwarming friends, family, and fans.

Nothing like April Fool Greetings
From real Harlequins
sent by real Harlequin writers

Some of  the April authors decided it was time for a little April Fool madness.

Do you feel the need?
The need to speed? 
The need to speed to read our books!

So, some of the authors sent in three statements.  
Two are meant to fool you.  One is absolutely true.
The April authors made it harder.
We sent in four <evil laugh>

Can you guess? 

The Winner get some cool prizes & some gag prizes.
Do you dare?

1. Pamela Tracy made it through one year of law school before dropping out and going back and earning enough upper-level credits in English to become an English professor.

2. In 1997, Pamela Tracy played first base for the Texas Charges, a National Pro Fastpitch team for women.  She hurt her back sliding into third and had to stop playing in 1999.

3.  Pamela Tracy was raised an only child, but fifteen years ago met her birth family and found out she not only had a half sister but a full brother.

4.  Pamela recently got a golden retriever and she and the dog have gone through obedience class twice - failing both times.

        The correct answer is ______
1. Catherine Lanigan has met two Presidents of the United States

2. Catheringe once flew in a stunt plane

3. Catherine now works as a financial manager

4. Catherine hates to garden

             The correct answer is ______
1. Melinda Curtis is a certified aerobics instructor

2. Melinda hates to cook

3. Melinda has written 20 books for Harlequin

4. Melinda works as a dog trainer on the side.

          The correct answer is ______

1. Beth Carpenter married her college sweatheart on the day they graduated, and they moved to Wyoming the next day.

2. Beth Carpenter placed third in barrel racing in the state finals of the Texas High School Rodeo Association her junior year.

3. Beth Carpenter once sat next to the Secretary of the Interior on a commercial flight. 

        The correct answer is ______

1. Syndi Powell attended Interlochen's summer music program the same time Josh Groban attended, but never met him.

2. Syndi studied for a semester in Paris, taking classes in French literature and history.

3. Syndi attended Walt Disney World's college program for a semester.

         The correct answer is ______

1. Liz Flaherty was a clown in the Peru Amateur Circus in her home town for ten years, wearing striped bloomers, a corn-yellow wig, and shiny black Mary Janes five sizes too big.

2. In 1969, Liz Flaherty’s boyfriend asked her to marry him. She said No. A year and a half later, afraid he’d never ask again, she asked him. He said Yes. Liz and Duane married in 1971.

3. Liz played clarinet in the high school orchestra. Although she challenged at least three times for first chair, she never made it. There are reasons she writes books.

          The correct answer is ______

1.  Anna J Stewart's loves country music and plays it whenever she's writing.

2. Anna read Stephen King's CARRIE when she was eight years old.

3. Anna loves to fly and is planning on getting her pilot's license one day!

           The correct answer is ______

  1. One of the four countries that Kate James lived in prior to returning to Canada to attend university was Brazil.
  2. To earn extra income while attending high school, Kate James did custom airbrush paintings on cars and vans.
  3. In addition to being an author and businessperson, Kate James is an accomplished cello player.
          The correct answer is ______

Should you guess them correctly, you just might receive something in the mail that looks like this.


  1. What a fun post, ladies. I'll be anxious to see the answers. Congratulations on your releases!

  2. Thank you for including me in this fun post, Pamela. I'm not going to guess because I know two of the answers! :)

  3. That's right. Kate made me tell mine LOL

  4. Oh my gosh! So much fun and I'm not guessing yet. See, first I have to stalk each of your websites, looking for clues, then visit your FB pages. It'll take me all day to do reconnaissance, lol. HA! I think I MIGHT know a couple. I'm off to research. I'll be back!

  5. What a great post to start April! Looking forward to the answers!

  6. I LOVE seeing these, LOL. What a great way to start the month...and with new books, too!!

  7. Goodness, I'd believe almost all of them. I'll have to give it some thought before I make my guesses. Interesting lives.

  8. No matter what the answers, the choices tell me these authors are fascinating women who have made the decision to live with gusto and flair!

  9. I’m not entering, but I can’t resist taking a shot. Here goes:
    Pamela #1, Catherine #3, Melinda #2, Beth pass, Syndi #3, Liz #2, Anna #2, Kate #1.

    Hmm. That was harder than I thought. Who else will give it a try?

    1. Huge thanks for taking the leap, Beth! Now, if only we can get other people to play along!

  10. I don't think I know any of these! I'm not entirely sure about my own. 😊

  11. It's hard! I will give a hint. Beth didn't guess mine correctly.


  12. Here are my guesses: Pamela Tracy 3, Catherine Lanigan 1, Melinda Curtis 4, Beth Carpenter 3, Syndi Powell 1, Liz Flaherty 2, Anna J. Stewart 1, Kate James 3. This is purely guessing without looking up or researching. Here's hoping!
    jennydtipton at gmail dot com

  13. I'm going to try.
    Pam Tracy1; Catherine Lanigan 2; Melinda Curtis 2; Beth Carpenter 1; Syndi Powell 1; Liz Flaherty 2; Anna Stewart 2; Kate James 1
    Most are probably wrong, but it was fun, as these posts are, and so I had to try. ( :

  14. Can we still win if we get them wrong??

  15. My April Fool's was #4. I'm not a certified dog trainer, although I spent 2 years taking one of our dogs to dog training. Our trainer was a former military dog trainer. Tally still doesn't come every time.

  16. What fun.
    Laurie, you got four of them correct.
    Send me your address at and some April Fool gifts will come your way.
    Correct answers posted on Sunday's post.

    1. LOL....I wish I got them all correct, but I sure had fun trying. Thank you!!


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