The Day After April Fools

Laurie got four of the seven!!!!  Cool.

The Truth is....

3  for Pam
2 for Catherine
1,2, or 3 for Melinda
1 for Beth
2 for Syndi
2 for Anna
2 for Kate

Pamela's correct answer was 3.  She was adopted at birth and did indeed find her birth family when an adult.  As a matter of fact, her half sister and full brother were in her wedding.  As far as reunions, hers rated a ten out of ten.  Plus, she had double the love.  Her parents (who raised her) were awesome, and finding a second family willing to love her was pretty cool.  

Catherine’s is #2.  Folks can visit my live interview with Darlene Fredette of Still Moments Magazine, this Wednesday at 2:00 pm Eastern at:
To learn about the stunt plane ride and see a photo of this and more. 

All of Melinda's were true except #4. She says, “I'm not a certified dog trainer, although I spent 2 years taking one of our dogs to dog training. Our trainer was a former military dog trainer. Tally still doesn't come every time.”

Beth fulfilled her dream and got a horse at age 14, only to discover she has little natural riding talent. It was her brother-in-law who sat next to James Watt on a flight into Casper, Wyoming when he was coming to visit. So the correct answer was 1. Beth and her husband honeymooned in Yellowstone and five years later, their first child was born in Wyoming. 

Syndi’s true statement is number 3.  She attended Walt Disney World's college program for a semester.

Liz’s is number 2 also.  Indeed, in 1969, Liz Flaherty’s boyfriend asked her to marry him. She said No. A year and a half later, afraid he’d never ask again, she asked him. He said Yes. Liz and Duane married in 1971.

Anna's correct answer is number two. She jumped into mainstream fiction at an early age (there weren't any YA books in the 70's!) and cut her storytelling teeth devouring books by Stephen King and Dean Koontz. It was when she discovered Nora Roberts that she fell in love with writing romance. 

Kate’s correct answer is 2. She did live in four countries before university, but Brazil wasn’t one of them. As for 3, she is probably one of the least musically-inclined people on the planet. She does have artistic talent though, and did work in a automotive body shop one summer, doing custom airbrush paintings on vehicles.


  1. I should have done better, but it's always nice learning more about all of you. Such fun you all are!!


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