Because It Makes Me Happy

Because It Makes Me Happy
By Elizabeth Mowers

What are some simple things you do only because they bring you a little joy?

My children are home from school today so my post is a little late because we were having such a lovely morning together. My youngest is learning her letter sounds. Because she is an artist, we spent our morning making this fabulous letter board. Some of the letters have designs to help her remember the sound. For example, "W" has a witch's hat. "Dd" is covered in dots. You get the idea.

She and I sat at the kitchen table for over an hour making our letter board. And it struck me how much we were both enjoying ourselves. Technically, we had an end goal to complete our letter board, but the slow pace of talking and coloring was such a nice break from my typical work day.

It got me thinking about other simple things that make me happy.

On Facebook, I follow a group called "Northeast Ohio Rocks!" Folks paint rocks and hide them in public places for others to find. If you find a rock, you are encouraged (by the sticker on the rock) to post a picture of it on the Facebook page and then hide it in a new place. I have never ever painted a rock and I probably never ever will. BUT I love the concept. Such a simple act creates so many chances for joy. 😍

πŸ’—The artist gets joy out of the creative process
πŸ’—A stranger gets joy out of finding a beautiful rock in an unexpected place.
πŸ’—The artist gets joy when they spot a picture of their rock posted on the FB page
πŸ’—Page followers get joy out of admiring each creation

I follow the page because I love seeing what artists paint. Here are a few recent posts. Aren't they lovely?

I also like when artists post stories of what inspired their creations. 

In the last picture (above), the artist received the plain rock from friends who had been vacationing on the ocean in Oregon. They found the rock, thought of him, and eagerly waited to see what he would paint. He painted their vacation spot and gave it back to them as a present. I was so touched by this story. Simple. Sweet. Perhaps the act of gifting a painted rock would make a nice anecdote in a future book...hmm.

What about you?

What are some simple things you do for no other reason than because they bring you a little joy?


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  1. What a lovely post--you're so right about creativity and joy. So glad you had such a beautiful morning!

    1. Thanks, Virginia. I try to enjoy those moments whenever I can snag them.

  2. Really enjoyed your post and the pictures of the rocks!

  3. I love this post, reminding us of all the different places to find joy, and envy you your nice morning with your daughter. Those are beautiful rock paintings, too. I’m thinking this would be a cool way to have two people meet up. :)

  4. Yes, joy is where you find it, and usually in the simple and in-between moments. I adore this idea of hiding beautiful rocks to find. What treasures!

    1. My children have found a couple before and oh, they were so excited. It's a fun idea.

  5. I sew, and lately I've been making pillowcases. They take 15 minutes, give just a little bite of creativity to the person sewing them, and make happiness on both sides.

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