Moonlight & Music, Love & Romance—Well, Maybe by Virginia McCullough

As it happens, A Bridge Home (July 2020), Book 3 of my Back to Bluestone River series, opens on Valentine’s Day. Maybe not the best Valentine’s Day of Amy Morgan’s life—life has changed a lot in the past month. Now Amy and her daughter are back in her hometown of Bluestone River and live with the grandparents who raised Amy. They need her help now, and it seems she needs them just as much.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few Valentine’s Days that went something like this:

With a basket of clean clothes balanced against her hip, Amy Morgan climbed the basement stairs humming the opening bars of “My Funny Valentine.” A slightly off-key rendition, especially on the high notes, but what difference did it make? The song had looped through her head all day, no matter how hard she tried to purge it from her brain. There was zero chance of that happening, since Valentine’s Day plans were the buzz at work that afternoon. 

As the River Street Salon’s receptionist, she had a front row seat to the daily small talk. Every woman who came in that particular day was expecting her special someone to show up with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, a box of chocolates, or both.

Amy carried the basket of still warm clothes into the kitchen and plunked it down on a chair at the end of the long table. “Happy Valentine’s Day to me,” she muttered under her breath.

Oops, her words came out louder than she intended. Grandma Barb glanced up from where she stood unloading the dishwasher. “Did you say something, Amy?”

“Nothing important, Grandma. I was just talking to myself—again.” Amy injected an upbeat lilt into her voice.

“She does that a lot,” Cassie said. Amy’s nine-year-old sat at the table swinging her legs and tapping her pencil on her math worksheet.

“Oh, you, don’t exaggerate.” Amy made a face at Cassie before plucking a pair of her grandpa’s jeans off the top of the pile. “How’s that homework coming?”

“Boring. I told you I’m not good at math.”

“You used to be.” Amy immediately wanted to snatch those words out of the air. Couldn’t she have come up with something a little more original? She only seemed to remind Cassie about how her life “used to be.” But whatever she said was the wrong thing lately, and Cassie never thought twice about telling her so.

A Family For Jason ended on Thanksgiving, and A Christmas Kiss wrapped up on Christmas Eve. Now A Bridge Home opens on a holiday and closes on one, too.

One of my single title romances, The Jacks Of Her Heart, is all about moonlight and music—Lorna said it was that moonlight and champagne, plus shipboard dancing with Jack, that led to an impulsive wedding in the tropics. Now, just like the Irving Berlin song says, there may be some trouble ahead, so there’s nothing to do but “Face the Music and Dance.”

I’m especially fond of Jack and Lorna because this pair has chemistry to spare and they show the world that romance isn’t just for the young. This light-side romance is also a love song to ‘60s and ‘70s music and clothes.

You can download a copy of The Jacks of Her Heart for just $.99 today on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Happy Winter!


A BRIDGE HOME marks Virginia McCullough’s sixth book for the Harlequin Heartwarming line. An author of both fiction and nonfiction books, Virginia’s also a ghostwriter/editor and a coach for other authors at various stages of their careers. Her other Harlequin Heartwarming books include her first series: GIRL IN THE SPOTLIGHT, SOMETHING TO TREASURE, and LOVE, UNEXPEC TED. She also writes award-winning women’s fiction, including AMBER LIGHT, ISLAND HEALING, and GRETA’S GRACE. All Virginia’s stories explore themes of hope, healing, and plenty of second chances.

You can add you name to Virginia’s mailing list at and visit her on Facebook: and on Twitter:


  1. Congrats on the July release, Virginia. After reading the excerpt, I know Amy's Valentine's Day is going to look up soon:-)

  2. Yes, I've had Valentine's Days like that. Can't wait to find out the rest of Amy's story.

    1. In every life a dull Valentine's Day or two or ten are bound to pop up. Thanks!

  3. I love your excerpt! And I've had those kind of Valentine's Days, too. :-) Looking forward to reading The Jacks of Her Heart tonight!

    1. I'm glad "Jacks" tempted you a little. It was one of the most fun books to write--even the dogs seemed special to me.

  4. Loved the excerpt. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Thanks--hope you have a nice Valentine's Day, too.

  6. A great scene Virginia, that makes me want to read more. And I think it’s wonderful that Valentine stories can come out in July! Romance and love are anytime, right? Happy Valentines!

    1. Thanks so much. We all write romance for all seasons!

  7. All of my Valentine's Days are boring I am either home or at work. It is just another normal day.

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