My New Puppy


My New Puppy

By Elizabeth Mowers

My post today is going to be short and sweet. I've had a few stressful things happen over the last few weeks, not counting some greater current events that have my head swirling, so I'm posting a few recent pictures from my camera roll that all make me smile. They are mostly of Charlie, my new puppy, but he's cute so I'm sure no one will mind.

Charlie, our beagle/French bulldog mix, turns five months this week. He has become my little buddy. Because of him I think I've walked more in the last two months than I did in the prior six. He has been an absolute joy to my family these last couple of months and is certainly worth his weight in gold as far as stress relievers go. The above picture is Charlie after his most recent bath.

Charlie loves to come with me to pick up my children from school. Even if he's napping on the car ride there, he seems to sense when we are approaching the school . He pops up to greet the students and teachers who wave to him from the sidewalk.

Charlie and I spotted some wild turkeys wandering around in our yard last week. I love spotting animals on our property, especially fox pups in the spring and deer in the fall.

After a particularly harried day last week, my children and I spotted this rainbow. We pulled over so I could snap a photo. I get equally excited over spotting hot air balloons too.

After a rigorous morning workout at the park, Charlie napped in the car while I listened to an audiobook and sipped on iced tea. 

As the Mowers' home now smells like a puppy lives here (We don't mind, Charlie! Promise!), I was happy to break out my fall candles last week. Apple Cinnamon for the win!

It's crockpot weather! My grandmother always said to "Work smart, not hard" so I'm happy to let the crockpot do the heavy lifting when it comes to cooking dinner.

What is something that made you happy recently? 

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  1. Such a cute puppy!! Puppies are definitely a great way to destress. I bet the kids just love having him around. And congrats on a gorgeous book cover!

  2. Love the puppy! And the story sounds intriguing.

  3. What a cutie! Great "personality" photos.

  4. Seeing pictures of your adorable puppy is the most recent thank that made me smile! Charlie is adorable! Love the rainbow, too. Thanks for sharing happymaking photos.

  5. Your puppy is adorable!! What made me happy this week is our new cat we adopted. He’s such a cutie. He helps me to cope with the loss of our nineteen year old cat last year.

  6. Puppies are the ultimate happiness. Everything is new to them, even if they find again fifteen minutes later! Enjoy!


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