A new year means my first published book

A new year brings possibilities. This new year will bring my first published book.

I’ve been writing stories since I learned to read at the age of four. I always wanted to find out what happened after the happily ever after in my favorite stories. A love of reading birthed a love of writing. And I’ve done a lot of both ever since.

When I heard that Harlequin was launching a new line of romances with Heartwarming, I figured I had finally found a place to call home with my writing. Heartwarming books are sweet romances that don’t have the faith element of Love Inspired, but also don’t have the spice of Blaze. They have longer word counts which allows room for more storytelling.

In March, I wrote a letter to the Heartwarming editor describing my book and offered to send her the manuscript if she was interested. Then waited.

Two months later, I got an email requesting that I send her the book. With shaky fingers, I attached my book and pressed send. Then waited.

In July, a thick envelope from Harlequin arrived. Victoria Curran had written back and said that she was interested in the story but there were some issues she wanted me to address then resubmit the book. I spent the next six weeks reworking and rewriting, then resubmitted the book. And waited some more.

A little over a month later, I got an email from Laura Barth. She wanted to know my phone number so that we could discuss my book. When she called, she offered me a contract! My first book is being published, and I’m so excited to be a part of the Heartwarming family.

Currently titled “True Love”, this is a book that I’ve been writing for four years off and on. It’s the story of a guy who was on a Bachelor-type show and got rejected. It’s now five years later, and the show’s producer wants Rick back on the show. She wants to give him a second chance at finding a wife. Finding love is never easy, but especially on live television.

It’s been a long wait to see my publication dreams come true, but 2013 will make them happen.


  1. Syndi that is such an inspiring path to publication and shows everyone that hard work and determination are what it takes to achieve your dreams! TRUE LOVE sounds amazing and I can't wait to read it :)

  2. Some stories nag at you. Sounds like this one did for you. I had one story that I played with for eight years before finally finding it a home. It wound up being a RITA finalist and to date is still my favorite.

    Congrats, Syndi

  3. Syndi,
    There is probably no time in writing that is more exciting than getting that "first" call to say you've sold your book. Although I have to admit I still get a thrill when I'm told they want to buy my story. The next best time is getting your cover followed by your first reader letter or email. Soak up every step. Roz

  4. Thanks for telling us your path to publication!! And your Call Story!!

    "See" you over in eHarl's community.


  5. Thanks, everyone. It hasn't been an easy road or a quick one, but the journey has been worth it!!!

  6. Syndi! How wonderful for you! Writing is a little like combat - lots of planning, lots of work, lots of waiting around, a little abject terror, then - victory! A sale! Looking forward to reading 'True Love.' Very appropriate title - isn't that what brought us all here? Good for you!


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