Why Heartwarming?

By Patricia Bradley

Don't you just love this month's covers? I do. And all of the books are on my TBR table, which is groaning. I will get to all of them, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

The Heartwarming titles are at the top of my pile and do you know why? They are feel-good stories. Stories with depth and characters you care about. Plots that are believable and the stories take you to towns you'd love to live in. 

I asked a few people I know who read Heartwarming books why they read them, and I got one answer over and over. They make me feel good.

So, I'd like to ask a question. If you're a Heartwarming author, why do write for this line? And if you're a reader, why do you like Heartwarming?

I learned to write romance from Victoria Curran and Kathryn Lye, and the excellent editors at Heartwarming are one of the reasons I love writing for them. The wonderful group of writers who make up the Heartwarming authors is another reason--they are some of the most cari…

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