And they lived happily-ever-after

  It's been fun, hasn't it? Heartwarming authors have been posting to this blog since Syndi Powell put up the very first post on January 1, 2013. Over the past seven years, we've had a lots of laughs and thoughtful conversations, but as of December of 2020, this blog is riding off into the sunset. Of course, that doesn’t mean that that the Heartwarming line is coming to an end. Harlequin Heartwarming continues to release four feel-good stories every month, filled with family, community, and love. You can order them as ebooks or paperbacks through or through most online bookstores.   Or, if you sign up for Harlequin Reader Service , you can get your Heartwarming books automatically sent directly to you  a month sooner than the general public! You can still connect with Heartwarming authors on Facebook or on Instagram . We hope to see you there. May your days be filled with Heartwarming moments and happy endings!

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