Love in Every Stitch by Helen DePrima and Liz Flaherty

by Helen DePrima
Hand-made quilts equal love – gifts for a new baby, for a bride, for a daughter, incorporating her favorite dresses from childhood. I suspect most quilters don’t keep much of their own work, scattering their hours of planning, cutting, and stitching among friends and family like wildflower seeds into random gardens. I’ve lost track of how many baby quilts I’ve given away, some started from scratch and others incorporating patches and fabrics from older quilts.
I didn’t grow up with quilts or quilters, although I still have a baby quilt given to my mother before my birth. On winter nights, my family snuggled under old-fashioned feather ticks sheathed in calico or in sateen for special guests. I didn’t come to quilting until I decided to make one for my daughter’s third birthday. I designed it myself, sort of Grandma Moses meets Peter Max. Pretty crude -- my hand quilting looked more like battlefield surgery, far from an expert’s ten stitches per inch, but my daughter lik…

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