Anna Adams:

Anna Adams wrote her first romance on the beach in wet sand with a stick. These days she uses modern tools to write the kind of stories she loves best–romance that involves everyone in the family–and often the whole community. Love between two people, like the proverbial stone in a lake.  The ripples of their feelings spread and contract, bringing conflict and “help” from the people who care most about them. Anna is in the middle of one of those stories, with her own hero. From Iceland to Hawaii, and points in between, they’ve shared their lives with children and family and friends who’ve become family. Right now, they’re living in a small southern town, whose square has become the model for the one where much of the action happens in Honesty, Virginia. All this living and loving gives Anna plenty of fodder to dream up stories of  real love set in real life. Come along and live them with her!

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LeAnne Bristow:

LeAnne Bristow often hid books inside her desk and read during class. When she outgrew Laura Ingalls Wilder and Beverly Cleary, she graduated to Walter Farley and Judy Blume. Then her favorite aunt gave her an old box of Harlequin romance novels and she was hooked. After reading the entire Americana series by Janet Dailey, LeAnne dreamed of becoming a writer. Life happened and LeAnne followed her country boy from a small town in central Texas to a smaller town in southern Arizona. She spent the next 25 years corralling three of her own children and 20+ kindergarteners. Now an empty nester and new grandma, pursuing her dream of bringing you emotional stories that make you hold your breath waiting for that first kiss. 

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Beth Carpenter:

Beth Carpenter is thankful for good books, a good dog, a good man, and a job dreaming up happily-ever-afters. She and her husband now split their time between Alaska and Arizona, where she occasionally encounters a moose in the yard or a scorpion in the basement. She prefers the moose. 

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Janice Carter:

Janice's love of storytelling was fostered at an early age, when her parents and favorite uncle recounted tales of the 'olden' days to her on Saturday mornings at the kitchen table over coffee (for them!) and freshly-baked doughnuts. That love of story grew into story writing. She discovered romance novels one glorious summer in her mid-teens and soon began tapping out serializations of romance novellas on her best Christmas gift ever - a manual, portable typewriter. Soon she was taking excerpts to her high school girl friends every morning.  Many, many years later, she realized a lifelong dream - writing and selling her first romance novel. (Harlequin Intrigue - "Double Jeopardy", written on that same typewriter!)  Today, she gets to enjoy her retirement from teaching by writing from home in Toronto, Ontario in winter and from our island 'idyll' on the St. Lawrence in summer.  Her off-writing hours are spent traveling with her husband, cooking and enjoying food with their adult daughters and most of all, reading. Lots and lots of reading.

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Melinda Curtis:

Although Melinda has lived in Georgia and Texas, she's a California girl at heart. Her earliest memories are of life on an isolated 50-acre sheep ranch in rural Sonoma County, California. Picture rolling hills covered in brown grass, a eucalyptus forest, a long gravel driveway lined with plump sheep and no sidewalks. It was a big deal to drive into town on a one-lane road in a ramshackle, bubble-fendered pickup for an ice cream. Flash forward to this century. Melinda lives in California's hot central valley with her husband - her basketball playing college sweetheart. With three kids the couple has done the soccer thing, the karate thing, the dance thing, the Little League thing and, of course, the basketball thing. Melinda writes sweet to medium heat contemporary romances as Melinda Curtis and red hot reads as Mel Curtis.  She loves writing romances about women who don't realize how strong they are until a hero comes along to show them, while capturing the wry humorous power struggle of falling in love - because, really, who lets the man have the last word?


Amie Denman:
Amie Denman lives in a small town in her native Ohio with her husband and sons. Her two cats and large yellow Labrador are kind enough to share a sunny office where she lets her imagination run wild. Reading books was her favorite escape as a child, and growing up four houses away from the community library encouraged her addiction. When she's not reading or writing, she enjoys walking and running outside. The helpless victim of a lifetime of curiosity, she's been known to chase fire trucks on her bicycle just to see what's going on. Amie believes that everything is fun: especially roller coasters, wedding cake, and falling in love.

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Marion Ekholm:
Marion Ekholm was writing stories and reading them to her friends back in fifth grade, in Plainville, Connecticut. She always wanted to be either a writer or an artist. Neither one seemed like a possibility in her day, when most women became either teachers or secretaries. But she had determination on her side and a mother willing to help with her dreams. She earned her BFA at Rhode Island School of Design and became a lace designer in New York City, met her husband and moved to New Jersey. Years later, she took stock of her life. She had a career, two children, a beautiful home and opportunities to travel extensively—but she’d never written anything other than letters. She began writing for real and eventually became an editor of a newspaper and sold numerous short stories and magazine articles. Thanks to Harlequin Heartwarming, she’s now a novelist. Her second novel,An Act of Love, follows her first, Just Like Em. She’s found signing her books and talking to people who’ve read them an absolute delight.

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Liz Flaherty:

Liz was always daydreaming as a kid, about living in elegant places where other people made your bed and dusted your furniture, wearing clothes that screamed triumphantly, "Liz Claiborne, size two!" every time she put them on, and writing blockbuster novels.
Instead, she lives in a big old farmhouse back a dusty lane, where whoever is the last one out of bed makes it and no one bothers with dusting. Her clothes mumble sheepishly, "J. C. Penney, buy a bigger size." And her novels aren't what you'd call blockbusters. What they are is stories about people like her and maybe like you, whose dreams have gone awry or simply withered up and died. It's her job as a writer to take care of those dreams, either by straightening out the old ones or finding new ones. Either way, she loves it, and she'd love hearing how you feel about how she's done that job.

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Roz Denny Fox:

Roz Denny Fox’s first book was published by Harlequin in 1990. She writes for various Harlequin lines and for special projects. Her books are published worldwide and in a number of languages. She’s also written articles, as well as online serials for Roz’s warm home- and family-focused love stories have been nominated for various industry awards, including the Romance Writers of America’s RITA, The Holt Medallion, The Golden Quill and others. Roz has been a member of Romance Writers of America since 1987, and is currently a member of Tucson’s Saguaro Romance Writers, where she has received The Barbara Award for outstanding chapter service. She’s also a member of Desert Rose RWA chapter in Phoenix, Midwest Fiction Writers of Minneapolis, San Angelo Texas Writers’ Club, and Novelists, Inc. In 2013 Roz received her fifty-book pin from Harlequin.


Shirley Hailstock:

Shirley Hailstock, best-selling, award-winning novelist, holds a bachelors degree in Chemistry from Howard University in Washington, D.C. and an MBA in Chemical Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ. Her initial wish was to join the space program. Hailstock is a past president of Romance Writers of America, the largest genre writing organization in the world with more than 10,000 members. She's active locally and nationally, having served on the National Board of Directors for seven years. She is also a past president of the New Jersey Romance Writers and a past officer of Women Writers of Color. She writes contemporary romantic suspense, paranormal, historical romance and mainstream women's fiction.
Hailstock is the author of over 35 novels and novellas. Living in Central New Jersey, Hailstock has been an Adjunct Professor of Accounting at Rutgers University, New Brunswick campus and Novel Writing at Middlesex County College and Seton Hill University.

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Cheryl Harper:
Cheryl Harper discovered her love for books and words as a little girl, thanks to a mother who made countless library trips and an introduction to Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House stories. Now she spends her days searching for the right words while she stares out the window and her dog snoozes beside her.

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Patricia Johns:

Patricia Johns writes from Alberta, Canada, where the winters are long and cold--the perfect combination for writing. She has an Hon. BA in English Literature and writes for Harlequin's Love Inspired, Western and Heartwarming lines. 

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Catherine Lanigan:
Catherine knew she was born to storytelling at a very young age when she told stories to her younger brothers and sister to entertain them. After years of encouragement from family and high school teachers, Catherine was shocked and brokenhearted when her freshman college creative writing professor told her that she “had no writing talent whatsoever” and that she “would never earn a dime as a writer.” He promised her that he would be her crutches and get her through his demanding class with a B grade so as not to destroy her high grade point average too much, ifCatherine would promise never to write again. Catherine assumed he was the voice of authority and gave in to the bargain. For fourteen years she did not write until she was encouraged by a television journalist to give her dream a shot. She wrote a six-hundred-page historical romantic spy-thriller set against World War I. The journalist sent the manuscript to his agent who then garnered bids from two publishers. That was nearly forty published novels, nonfiction books and anthologies ago.

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Linda Hope Lee:
Linda Hope Lee lives in the Pacific Northwest. She likes traveling to new places, especially to small towns that might serve as settings for her novels. In addition to contemporary romance, she writes in the romantic suspense and mystery genres, as well. When she is not writing, she’s busy creating watercolor paintings or drawing in colored pencil or pen and ink. Another pastime is photography, which she uses as inspiration for her art and for her stories. She also collects children’s books and anything to do with wire-haired fox terriers.

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Loree Lough:
At last count, best-selling author Loree Lough had 98 award-winning books (more than 4,000,000 copies in circulation and 5 that earned book-to-movie options), 68 short stories, and 2,500+ articles in print.

An oft-invited guest of writers' organizations, colleges and universities, corporate and government agencies in the U.S. and abroad, Loree loves sharing learned-the-hard-way lessons about the craft and the industry. Once upon a time, Loree (literally) sang for her supper, performing alone and "opening" for the likes of Tom Jones, Dottie West, The Gatlin Brothers, and more. Though she refuses to share the actual year when she traded her Yamaha 6-string for a wedding ring, she IS willing to admit that, every now and then, she blows the dust off her six-string to croon a tune or two. But mostly, she just writes (and writes). Loree and her husband split their time between a home in the Baltimore suburbs and a cabin in the Allegheny Mountains, where she continues to perfect her taleant for identifying critter tracks. Her favorite pastime? Spending long, leisurely hours with her grandchildren...all seven of them!

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T.R. McClure:
T.R. McClure wrote her first story when she was ten years old and would often read a book a day on long, hot summer days. Halfway through college she spent a summer working on her German language skills and fluffing feather comforters at a hotel in Bavaria. Job hunting after college led to a stint at a local airport, where she earned a pilot’s license and fell for a guy with a cute smile and a motorcycle. Only after retiring and experiencing empty nest syndrome did she pick up her pen and return to writing fiction. Entering Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest resulted in Wanted: The Perfect Mom, her first for Harlequin’s Heartwarming series, coming out in June 2016. T.R. lives in central Pennsylvania with the husband she found at the airport. They share their country home with one horse, one cat, four beagles, and Sunny the yellow lab. And even though their twin daughters have flown the nest, one or both are always available for travel adventures. A few years ago the family returned to Bavaria. This time someone else fluffed the beds.

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Cathy McDavid:
In the third grade, NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathy McDavid made it her goal to read every Black Stallion book ever written. bio picWho knew such an illustrious ambition would eventually lead to a lifelong love of all things western and a career writing contemporary romances for Harlequin? With over 1.2 million books sold, Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll.
An “almost” Arizona  native, she’s married to her own real-life sweetheart, whom she re-met a few years ago at a high school reunion. Her grown twins are out on their own and finding their happily-ever-afters. In 2014, Cathy retired from the corporate world to write full-time. She now spends her days penning stories about good looking cowboys riding the range, busting a bronc, and sweeping gals off their feet. It a tough job, but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

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Lee McKenzie

From the time she was ten years old and read Anne of Green Gables and Little Women, Lee McKenzie knew she wanted to be a writer, just like Anne and Jo.In the intervening years she has written advertising copy, magazine articles, and an honors thesis in paleontology, and edited conference proceedings, educational material and technical publications. Along the way her imagination demanded a more creative outlet, and she soon discovered the world of romance. Becoming a four-time Golden Heart finalist and a Harlequin author are her proudest accomplishments yet. Lee and her artist/teacher husband live on an island in the Pacific Northwest, and she loves to spend time with two of her best friends—her grown-up children.

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Syndi Powell:
Syndi Powell started writing stories when she was young to help her find out what happened after the happily ever after in her favorite stories, and has made it a lifelong pursuit. She's been reading Harlequin romance novels since she was in her teens and is thrilled to join their team. She lives near Detroit with her husband, stepson, and a cat and dog who believe they run the household. 

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Tara Randel:
Tara Randel has enjoyed a lifelong love of books, especially romance and mystery genres, so it didn't come as a surprise when she began writing with the dream of becoming published. Family values, mystery and, of course, love and romance are her favorite themes, because she believes love is the greatest gift of all. Tara lives on the West Coast of Florida, where gorgeous sunsets inspire the creation of heartwarming stories, filled with love, laughter and the occasional mystery.

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Leigh Riker:
Leigh Riker, like many readers and writers, grew up with her nose in a book, and to this day she can’t imagine a better way to spend time than to curl up with a good romance novel—unless it is to write one! When not at home on her small Southern mountain, the Ohio native and award-winning author likes to travel with her husband, the model hero (of course) for her stories. With added inspiration from her mischievous Maine coon cat always perched on her desk, she is at work on a new novel.

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Carol Ross:
Carol Ross was born and raised in a small town in Washington situated right between the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Cascade Mountains. She is a graduate of Washington State University, and along with her husband and two dogs--a perfect border collie and a perfectly loveable miscreant of a dachshund--she is happy to live there still. She adores the Pacific Northwest because it offers her so many opportunities to do the things she loves. When the temperamental weather cooperates she enjoys hiking, running, skiing and most anything to do with the outdoors. And when it doesn't...she dons a raincoat and ventures out anyway, or indulges in her absolute favorite pastime--reading. And although she enjoys reading in many genres, she writes about what she loves the most--romance.

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Cerella Sechrist:
Cerella Sechrist lives in York, Pennsylvania with two precocious pugs, Darcy and Charlotte, named after Jane Austen literary characters. She has won various competitions and a scholarship for her writing, which include devotionals, full-length plays, and novels. She divides her time between working in the office of her family's construction business and as a barista to support her reading habit and coffee addiction. Her novels exhibit her love for both the written word and food in fiction. 

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Rula Sinara:
Award winning and USA Today Bestselling author Rula Sinara lives in rural Virginia with her family and crazy but endearing pets. She loves organic gardening, attracting wildlife to her yard, planting trees, raising backyard chickens and drinking more coffee than she'll ever admit to. Rula's writing has earned her a National Readers Choice Award and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, among other honors. Discover more at, where you can sign up for her newsletter.

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M.K. Stelmack

M.K. writes sweet and warm (hotter than sweet but not yet hot) contemporary romance set in small towns. Her fictional Spirit Lake is closely based on a real town in Alberta, Canada, where she live. She is known for making readers laugh and cry in the same scene, and for not shying away from the tough questions. Of course, life is also tender and rewarding, and she want you to come away from her stories feeling uplifted and loved.

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Anna J. Stewart:
Anna J. Stewart can't remember a time she didn't have a book in her hands or a story in her head. Early obsessions with Star Wars, Star Trek and Wonder Woman set her on the path to creating fun, funny, and family rich stories with happy endings for her independent heroines. Anna lives in Northern California where she deals with a serious Supernatural & Sherlock addiction, surrounds herself with friends and family and tolerates an overly affectionate cat named Snickers (or perhaps it's Snickers who tolerates her).
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Cynthia Thomason:
Cynthia Thomason inherited her love of writing from her ancestors. Her father and grandmother both loved to write, and she aspired to continue the legacy. Cynthia studied English and journalism in college, and after a career as a high school English teacher, she began writing novels. She discovered ideas for stories while searching through antique stores and flea markets and as an auctioneer and estate buyer. Cynthia says every cast-off item from someone’s life can ignite the idea for a plot. She writes about small towns, big hearts and happy endings that are earned and not taken for granted. And as far as the legacy is concerned, just ask her son, the magazine journalist, if he believes.

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Laurie Tomlinson:

Laurie Tomlinson is a wife and mom from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who enjoys stories of grace in the beautiful mess. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and regular contributor to Her work is represented by Rachel Kent of Books & Such Literary, has won two Genesis Awards, and was runner-up in the 2015 RWA Lone Star Contest.

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Pamela Tracy:
Pamela Tracy is an award-winning author, who lives with her husband (who claims to be the inspiration for most of her heroes) and son (who claims to be the interference for most of her writing time). She started writing at a very young age (a series of romances, all with David Cassidy as the hero, though sometimes Bobby Sherman would elbow in). Then, while earning a BA in journalism at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, she picked up writing again—this time it was a very bad science-fiction novel. She went back to her love and was first published in 1999. Since then, Pamela has had more than twenty romance novels in print. She’s a winner of the American Christian Fiction Writer’s CAROL award and has been a RITA® Award finalist.
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Amy Vastine:
Amy Vastine has been plotting stories in her head for as long as she can remember. An eternal optimist, she studied social work, hoping to teach others how to find their silver lining. Now, she enjoys creating happily ever afters for all to read. Amy lives outside Chicago with her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, three fun-loving children, and their sweet but mischievous puppy dog.

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