The Countdown Begins by Tara Randel


Can you believe Christmas is just a few weeks away? It’s time to start shopping, decorating the house and getting into the holiday spirit. As I was deciding what to write today, I got thinking about what makes Christmas so special to me.

In one word; family.

When my children were growing up, I couldn’t wait for this time of year. I enjoyed picking out their gifts, wrapping each one to place under the tree on Christmas Eve. My husband always told them he was Santa, but they never believed him. It was so much fun to listen to them argue the topic. Even when they were older and knew the truth, they just rolled their eyes because Dad was right.

I loved the piles of torn up wrapping paper the cat would jump into, making a mess around the tree. And the smiles on my daughters’ faces when I opened the presents they’d made for me. You’d have thought the homemade gifts were worth hundreds of dollars the way they waited for my reaction. Actually, each gift was priceless.

Or how about the meals spent rehashing the events of the day? No one can ever take those memories from me, so I keep them close to my heart and pull them out every year to remember how grateful I am for my family.

Our Heartwarming stories are so much like these memories. Our books focus on love and family, or a group of friends who become family. Whether set in a small town or on a ranch or even the beach or lake, the spirit of the books revolve around that feeling of belonging. Longing for, then receiving, a group of people to call your own.

When I look back at the stories I’ve written, I can’t help but smile over the characters I’ve spent so much time with. In a way, they’ve become an extension of my family. When I chat with readers, they speak about the characters as if they know them, they recall settings as if they’ve been there, which thrills my heart, because I feel the same way. It makes the hours spent at the keyboard so worthwhile!

I’ve started a new series, The Golden Matchmakers Club, which I’m excited about. As you can probably guess, there’s a lot of finagling on the matchmakers parts to get those stubborn couples who have sworn off love to realize that their perfect match is right before their eyes. Book one, Stealing Her Best Friend’s Heart, will be a July release.  

And in the spirit of the season, I’m doubly excited, because I’m working on a Heartwarming Christmas story to be released next year. I was fortunate enough to be part of the Christmas Town box sets for four years, so I know how much fun writing Christmas stories can be. But this will be my first Heartwarming Christmas book and so far, my characters are not disappointing me. Throw in kids anticipating the big day, along with much begged for puppy, and it’s a perfect recipe for family memories as the couple finds love and create their own holiday memories.

I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas this year. Take time to recall the past holiday seasons as you share the day with those you love. Honestly, the time goes by so quickly, we have to hold on to as many Christmas memories as we can!


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  1. I think this is what Christmas is for - the memories. Every year as I pull out the ornaments, I think about when I got it, who gave it to me and what was the reason. Like Photographs, it's hard to get them on the tree since I keep reliving those happy days. I take a photo of the tree every year and I have a hard time throwing out Christmas cards. They're beautiful and my friends and relatives took the time to send them to me. Happy Holidays.

  2. Some things don't change. I still see babies opening gifts and becoming a lot more intrigued by the box and the paper than the gift inside! Enjoy your holiday prep.

  3. Christmas is definitely about family and memories!

  4. I love the weeks before Christmas. Decorating, planning my baking, choosing gifts--all the other elements of getting ready for the holiday. I've never been interested in getting work days off AFTER Christmas, I always want time before.

    1. It's anticipation before hand, work after! Merry Christmas.

  5. Oh, the memories! And you're right, the antics of those fiction characters from Christmas Town and other favorite holiday stories count as family memories, too. Here's to a memorable Christmas!

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