Fish Tales

Above you see the new addition to my little family.  If you squint, use a magnifying glass, or just guess... you'll see three fish.  They are my son's.  They've been with us since Tuesday night. 

They're names are Fox, Rex, and Cody.

If you are a Star Wars fan, these names mean something.  If you're not, then they're just names.

Notice the yellow can on your left.  That's the fish food.  We poked a little hole in the top and emphasized that little fish only eat a little food.  Too much food: fish die.

Not enough food came out.  So, Mike, problem solver that he is at age eight, made a bigger hole.  Wednesday, at 10:00 p.m. well after he should have been asleep and at exactly the time I wanted to be asleep, he remembered he needed to feed them. 

Half a can.

Grumpy Mommy who'd gotten out of bed at his wail told him, "We'll that's why we made a little hole."
Grumpy Mommy went back to bed.


Fox, Rex, and Cody were going to eat too much and die.

Back to Mike's room I go.  First, I try to scoop food out with the fish net. 

Yeah, right.

So, at 10:30, I'm cleaning the bowl.  It's a time-consuming thing.  I have to clean it and then put the drops in and leave it for 20 minutes.  Then, after 20 minutes I can scoop out one cup and pour that cup into the bowl holding the terrified fish who are thinking, "How did I get into this ugly Big Gulp cup.  I can't see!  What is that giant netty thing that's coming at me."

Once I've combined water, I get to wait another ten minutes before I move the fish to their bowl.  Which I then carry back to Mike's room.

Me, I'm in bed at 11:00.  The alarm will ring at 5:00.  I wanted to go to bed at nine.

So often, my storyline takes a twist of it's own.

Not a black moment, exactly.  More like a fish tale.


  1. Pam, I know the experience probably doesn't seem funny now, but you will get a lot of miles from it in the future, telling it to all of Mike's girlfriends, for which he will roll his eyes and escort you from the room. I recall a time my "Kelly" about age 6 came in and woke me up just after midnight. She was wailing, saying she forgot to tell me she had to take 36 cookies to school the next day as the teacher asked for a volunteer and she raised her hand. Out of bed I got--she wanted chocolate chip cookies--you guessed it, no chocolate chips in the house. So I woke Denny up. While I assembled the other ingredients he drove to an all night store and got chocolate chips. Kelly, bless her little heart, went back to bed and snored the night through. Denny tossed me the chocolate chips and proceeded to do the same. Ah, I think I said things like, isn't motherhood grand? I know the fish appreciate you now, and Mike will have fond memories later.

    1. LOL, I can just picture Denny running out the door, no slugging out the door, grumbling, but doing it because he loved you and Kelly.

  2. Oh the life of a mom lol:) I tell my friends who are thinking of having children that you will never sleep again, but the smiling face reward you see every morning makes it all worth it. I'm not very domesticated, but the first year my son went to daycare (he was 10 months) I decided I was going to make homemade cupcakes with homemade marshmallow ghost topping for their Halloween party. I'd never baked in my life. I have no idea what I was thinking. Four hours later, they turned out okay-a little melted by morning, but the kids didn't notice lol:) However, I've since learned that I don't need to be a perfect baker for my son-the kids are just as happy with the pre-cut, take and bake pillsbury cookies and I get my revisions in on time lol:) My life is all about balances the priorities!
    Great post!


    1. Oh, me, too! Preschool, we make cupcakes. I didn't even know I had to buy cake mix. I wanted there to be cupcake mix.

  3. Great story and will--eventually--be a great memory. We do all love storyline twists, after all!

  4. And that's why I have cats. They make their own way to the food dish - they do wail when it's empty, but it doesn't take hours to restabilize their environment! But there's such scene potential there! That has to show up in a book. And, in years to come, Mike will tell the story of the night his mom saved his fish. Heroine Pam - take a bow!

    1. We have a cat, too. His name is Tyre, and Mike is constant fear that Tyre will devour Rex, Fox, and Cody.

    2. Is there some kind of mesh top that can go on the bowl? Actually, most cats are probably discouraged by having to put their faces in the water. Where did the name Tyre come from?

    3. We will build a mesh top.
      We adopted him. His name was Tiger. Much too boring a name for a romance writer. Tyre was a really goodlooking cowboy in Silverado. I wanted to name Mike Tyre. I won't tell you what my husband said. LOL

  5. I love this fish story. And like everyone said, what a great scene for a future book!

    At the Powell house, we have four fish, a cat and a dog. My husband would love to add a bird or two, but I've drawn the line. LOL

  6. I've almost got my husband talked into a dog. If only they didn't pooh, there'd be no almost.

    And, I'd have pooh duty!!!!


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