Calm vs. Deadlines  by Aimée Thurlo

Although I still tend to panic when deadline draws near, over the years I've learned how to better handle the pressure. I have a set of little tricks that work surprisingly well.

 I was raised in a Caribbean island where considering drinking anything other than what was known there as "little coffees" (espresso) was almost an act of heresy. Yet I find that when the chips are down, there's nothing like a cup of tea.

 I think the very act of preparing the tea is soothing. The special tea pot, a handpicked tea cup, the waiting until it's like going back in time to the days when ladies took socializing to a whole new level. What an indulgence and a touch of elegance!

 My favorite afternoon tea is a strong tea called "Lifeboat tea". Considering I'm trying to calm myself down so I can write, I found the name extremely appropriate. I also love chamomile with vanilla, and caramel vanilla tea. 

 It really gives me the incentive I need to get back to work.

 What are your rituals?

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  1. Aimee, I love tea, but admit I have about 20 different types of teabags and I heat the water and pour it over a bag in my cup. I don't take any time and don't use a teapot. I have one, but a friend says to really enjoy tea one should use cut tea in one of the balls---i can't remember even what they're called. Your teapot is beautiful. It looks so elegant, like you should sit in a window seat, curled up with a good "Heartwarming" book and your tea. For teas I love Bigelow Plantation Mint, and Yogi Tea/Detox Peach. My every day Go-to tea is Earl Gray.

  2. Roz, I love a touch of elegance. I have my china cups, with Old Roses pattern, and the other patterns that Royal Albert has. I pretend I'm miles away having a tea party or a "Merienda". During the summer we prepare sun-tea using constant comment, lemon, cinnamon stick, and mint. It's very, very good. Plus I can get David to actually sit with me on the porch swing for a glass... Tea cups... not his thing.

  3. Aimee - I also love tea! But I'm a hardcore black tea drinker. I received a giant box for my birthday of Harrowgate Yorkshire Gold. When my granddaughters visit, I steep it in a pot. Otherwise, I'm a real peasant about the process and use the same tea bag three times in my favorite mug - a bright red one my husband bought me at a Starbuck's sale. LOVE is scrawled across it. I love every single sip. And if I'm nibbling on chocolate at the same time - all the better.

    Roz - the little balls for loose tea are called infusers.

  4. Muriel, we loved the Naafi tea we used to buy on the Internet - in the collector's tin with the RAAF or Royal Navy images on the sides. It was strong enough to make several cups per tea bag. Alas, we can no longer find a supplier, along with the Patterson's brand shortbread. Walkers just isn't as good - or as simply made. We also tend to drink black or green tea in the morning, and herbal in the afternoon and evening. A chunk of Cowgirl chocolate on the side doesn't hurt, either.

  5. Hi ladies,

    The chocolate I can get on board with:) The tea, not so much...I'm a hardcore black coffee drinker (6-8/day) and unfortunately I haven't been writing under deadlines long enough yet to have discovered a ritual that helps to calm my nerves lol. Currently, when I sit down to write, it looks something like-Cup of black coffee, suffer mild anxiety attack, write for a bit-repeat. Maybe I should try the tea thing...


  6. Jen, there's a local New Mexico company that makes what they call Cowgirl Chocolate and Cowboy Chocolate. It's got pinon nuts, and coffee in it and it's to die for. It's a sure fire cure for anxiety.

    1. Sounds amazing! As soon as summer is over and I can put on my 'winter weight' lol, I'll order a box!

  7. Aimee, great post. I have a teacup that my great grandmother gave my mother. Every once in a while, I enjoy making a cup of tea in it. But I must admit that I'm a coffee girl. But just one in the morning to get me going.

    As for writing rituals, I used to play three games of computer solitaire before starting writing. Now if I'm in the first draft stage, I set a timer for twenty minutes then try to get as much done as I can in that time. The ticking clock actually motivates me LOL.

  8. Syndi,that's a good idea! Twenty minute increments sounds workable. I love my tea cups too. Always on the lookout for ones on the internet.Love OLD ones!!!


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