Husbands and Hobbies by Tara Randel

A husband with hobbies is a wonderful thing, right? It keeps them busy with something they enjoy, which in turn keeps them out of our hair. But what happens when you and your spouse enjoy the same hobby? IT’S AWESOME.

My husband races stock cars. Not as a professional, even though you’d think otherwise due to his competitive streak and the hours he spends working on his cars. He loves being out in the shop tinkering around, and because of that, I get lots of ‘me’ time. I can clean the house- uninterrupted- or read a book. By the time it’s off to the races, we’re both excited to go together, so it’s win-win.

 Photo: Current car he is racing.

Maybe my husband and I are in the minority (I really hope not!), but I actually enjoy spending time with him. It’s why I married him to begin with. So we have a healthy give and take, hobbies we do together, and hobbies we do separately. 

I’ve had friend’s husbands not very supportive of their wives hobbies or careers. I guess I’ve never understood that, because if a woman is fulfilled in an area of life that doesn’t include hubby, then the times they are together can be so rich. With spouses having different interests, it makes for interesting conversation when they are together. I’ve been married twenty-six years, and we still have lots to talk about. I don’t need to know every detail about the race car, but hubby enjoys talking about it, so I enjoy listening. And when my eyes start to glaze over, he knows it’s time to move on with the conversation. Likewise, I try not to get too carried away and bore him with my interests.

Now that the spring weather is in bloom and everyone is ready to get outdoors after a long winter, what better time to focus on hobbies, whether together or on your own?   


  1. Tara - interesting stuff! I know zero about stock cars, but Ron loves auto races of all kinds and when I grumble about the unnecessary danger of pile-ups and deaths, he reminds me that it's often in those races where more is learned about safety and parts and products are created that protect the soccer mom and her charges.

    Ron and I have worked together most of our married lives. We met while working at the L.A. Times, came to Oregon to buy a weekly newspaper we operated together, then I quit to write romance and he later retired to paint. I work in my office, he works in his studio, then we get together to eat and party. And we're going on 45 years together! Life is good!

  2. Wow, sounds like great fun. My husband's hobby is tinkering with our quads. I have one in pieces in the backyard right now LOL

    And, I go riding with him all the time. Like you, I like being around my hubby.

  3. Hi Tara,
    I love stock car racing too. We used to go with my dad as kids, then later on our own:) Tail gate parties are the best!
    My husband and I have only been together two years, but we are best friends. He is an I.T. computer guy and I'm a free-spirit, head in the clouds, writer lol:) Weird match up but it works where it counts-respect and love for one another. We do have similar tastes in TV shows and we work out together every evening.
    It's so wonderful to hear that other relationships continue to be strong after many years:)


  4. Wow, Jen, you're newlyweds! David and I will celebrate our 43rd this July. Of course we got married when we were eight. cough.

    Muriel, D and I have worked together for years too. Writing can be lonely without a partner, I would imagine. So many ups and downs.

    We don't have matching hobbies - D scale models and I crochet, but we do share a love of dogs and horses.

  5. Hi Tara! Racing sounds like a fun hobby and I agree that it's important to share some interests and hobbies in a marriage. Everyone talks about keeping passion going in a marriage but I think it's just as important to keep up the fun, playful side to a relationship. I didn't grow up watching professional sports though I played them in high school. My husband, Greg, introduced me to the thrills of nose bleed seats at basketball games, arriving early for batting practice before MLB games and tailgate parties before an NFL game ! I even watch games with him on TV - if I'm not writing- and it is so much fun !

  6. Aimee - Ron used to make models, too, but he now has diabetic neuropathy and can't control those fine finger functions. He's using a walker, but is looking for a Mustang sticker to put on it. He already has a horn and a rearview mirror. When we met, he had a bright red Mustang hatchback. Ah, youth!

    My point should be, Ladies, LOVE these times together with your husbands! Though love lasts forever, it gets a little more difficult to hang from the chandelier and eat strawberries!

  7. My husband and I have a shared hobby of couponing. Two years ago, I told him we needed to cut our budget drastically and asked him for ideas on how to save money. He looked at our finances and discovered that groceries were a big expense that we could reduce. He did the homework and found websites that taught him how to coupon, then taught me. Last year we cut our grocery budget by almost 60%. That's one hobby that has saved money rather than spending LOL. And if you need toothpaste, shampoo or dental floss, let me know. We have plenty!

    1. Syndi - that should be your next post! I'd be anxious to read it.


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