Finishing A Project by Tara Randel

Tara Randel 

Oh, the joy of sending the finished manuscript to the editor. As a writer, this is a very happy day. Sure, there is an editorial process that continues until the book is released, so there will be more work to do, but the book is written. Phew. 

Now, back to real life. Whoever thinks the life of a writer is glamorous, keep reading!

Stages after the deadline:

1. Decompress. Yep. Authors get exhausted. Sign me up for a nap.

2. Clean the house. Time to sort through the accumulated clutter that collects about the last month before the deadline date. This is push time for the author. And crazy time for the family, but everyone survives. 

3. Yard work. This is actually nice. Getting outside for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine.

4. Catching up with friends. Yes, we have them trained not to call until after the deadline. Well, the last two weeks before submitting the manuscript anyway. 

5. Start the next book. No rest for a storyteller. I may take a week to rest and catch up on life, but then I dive back in. New story. New characters. New adventure. I can’t wait!

So, after reading this, let me know what you think of the writer's life now!


  1. Since I'm new to the writer's life, I don't have the most realistic perspective. I love it so far, but completely agree that it entails a lot of hard work beyond what I'd ever imagined! On the flip side, it is a long cherished dream come true :)

  2. Do I have to clean the house.
    Yup, today.

  3. As much as I grumble about all the hard work, it's usually with a smile on my face:) I've always loved having a full schedule-I'm not into 'down time'. While in University, I worked three jobs and took boxing lessons-I was completely sleep deprived lol, but I enjoy my life better when I'm constantly on the move, so I think the grueling-day job-mom-writer routine works well for me:) Besides, the beautiful covers with my name on it or a great review make everything worth it!


  4. Tara, good post. Do you really have people trained to not call you when you're working? I finally broke down and got caller identify, but even then the phone rings and breaks concentration.
    I like starting a book and finishing. The stuff in the middle is hard. LOL

    1. Hi Roz,

      When I lock myself away to write, I take my cell phone and put it on silent. Then I check it during breaks. My family, even my husband know that they have to text me if they need my attention. I started this when I had a roomate once who came into my room with a snack for me while I was writing-to be nice-and the interuption made me lose my train of thought and to this day it hasn't come back lol:)

  5. I'm okay with interruptions - maybe because I never have a cohesive thought that'll get me to the end, anyway. But I had the kids at home when I started writing, and you can tell them not to bother you unless it's critical, but, to them, "Mom, can I have a banana?" is critical. And now that they're gone, my husband in delicate health often sticks his head in my office. I still take phone calls and have lunch with friends, but get right back to work afterwards. And, of course, I don't have a day job or kids at home anymore, so I can stay up til the wee hours and not affect anyone but me. Ron's always happy to sleep in.


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