Awesome Road Trip

I love road trips. Especially impromptu trips. When the road calls, I have to follow.

So when I got an email from Harlequin informing me that the cover of my August Heartwarming release, Orange Blossom Brides, was going to be featured as an elevator wrap at the annual RWA conference in Atlanta, I had to go see it for myself.

What started out as a mission to see the cover ended up being a weekend full of fun and thrills. Thrilled to see the cover, yes, but I also got to meet with other fabulous Heartwarming authors and the editors for the Heartwarming line. Honestly, I have never met more warm, friendly women than those I spent time with this weekend. I am truly blessed to be part of this group as well as a Harlequin author.

You would think seeing the cover would be the highlight of the weekend, but that was just icing on the cake. I was able to visit with editor Kathryn Lye. We chatted  before she ran off to start her crazy, busy weekend.

I had lunch with Karen Rock, with whom I’ve been alternating Thursday blog posts. I was excited to finally meet her face to face. I also want to send a shout out to Jen and Rula, who also blog here for Heartwarming.

On Friday night, six Heartwarming authors had dinner with Kathryn and Senior Editor, Victoria Curran. We had a blast. Lots of laughs and getting to know one another by sharing stories about our lives and being writers. From there we went to the Harlequin party where decadent desserts called our names and the DJ kept everyone moving on the dance floor. What a night!

 This road trip did not disappoint. I’ll add it to the memory book, for sure, but I still look forward to the many trips to come!


  1. Tara,
    What great photos. Nice memories for you. I am so sorry I had to miss conference this year. I plan to make San Antonio for sure. I hope more Heartwarming authors can go next year.
    Love your cover art.

  2. Hi Tara! It was so wonderful meeting the beautiful woman behind my favorite Heartwarming cover!! I am so happy that you were able to be there to see it for yourself-although I had been planning on stealing that billboard size cover had you not been there lol:)

  3. Tara - what a cool, cool thing! I think wrapping your cover around an elevator means you're going up, up, up! Congratulations! And what a treat that you got to meet so many women that I only know by name and blog posts. And decadent desserts. Wow. I had peanut butter cookies on the porch because it wasn't raining. Ha, ha. Seriously thrilled for you!

  4. First congrats for having your cover featured!!!! It's sooo beautiful. I'm a firm believer in road trips. Next year, wild horses couldn't keep me from San Antonio!

  5. I'm so glad that you got your picture taken by 'your' elevator, Tara! I had taken a photo of the cover and I have posted it on my blog with some other RWA pics. It's such a beautiful cover that really captures the feel of Heartwarming.

    It was so great to meet you, Karen, Jennifer, Cindi and Melinda at the fabulous dinner with the editors (Victoria and Kathryn...thank you!!)

    Here's to a much bigger Heartwarming gathering next year!

  6. Tara, I love the picture of you by the elevator. That needs to get framed!!!

    And count me in for next year. I'm saving to go right now.

  7. Tara, congratulations on snagging an elevator!!! I loved all the covers there and it made waiting for an elevator MUCH more fun . RWA should do this every year!


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