What it is about Weddings by Tara Randel

What is it about weddings that people love? The romance? The promise of a future with the one you love? The pomp and circumstance of a large, elaborate affair or the small gathering to celebrate with close family and friends? The fairy tale culmination to an enduring relationship?
Everyone loves a wedding.

 Orange Blossom Brides

In my August Heartwarming release, Orange Blossom Brides, Lilli Barclay needs a groom—and she needs one now.  Not for herself, of course, but for her mother's glamorous wedding-themed benefit. Then Lilli can get back to what really matters, earning a promotion at work. Just her luck that Max Sanders, the ideal candidate, still holds a grudge against her for an incident that happened twelve years ago.

Persuading Max to volunteer will take longer than Lilli thought. Much longer. And the more time she spends with him, the further she ventures down Memory Lane. Pretty soon Lilli can't help wondering if Max could be more than a pretend groom. He still makes her heart race. But will he ever be able to forgive the past and consider a future…with her?

I had so much fun researching everything that goes into making a wedding successful. From picking out dresses, to planning the reception, picking out a color scheme, floral arrangements, and reception gifts. Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. And to think, the planning I did was for a book, not a real life ceremony! That’s when the pressure begins.


I’m going to carry the wedding theme through future books, so I still have lots of fun ahead of me. No matter what my characters are going through, the idea of a wedding in the story makes the writing so much more fun. It also gives me a great excuse to buy bridal magazines!

So for now, you are cordially invited to Tie the Knot, a wedding fashion show featuring vintage bridal gowns through the ages. I hope you enjoy reading Orange Blossom Brides to find out if Lilli and Max make things work between them and find true love.


  1. Planning a wedding can be a lot a fun...or torture lol depending on the families involved:) Have I mentioned how much I love that cover??

  2. Good morning, Tara! I love your cover, too! I think we love the fact that everyone at a wedding (usually) is happy and excited (and if someone isn't, it's a writer's opportunity!) We love the newness of the relationship, the potential for it to survive and endure in dramatic fashion, to add large numbers to the two who started it all, and the eventual golden old age where the couple looks back and thinks, "Yeah! We did that well!"

  3. Wedding are a joy... but for the couple, they can be a headache in the sense of all the work that goes into making the day go off without a hitch. I remember being so caught up in all of the plans that it took my hairdresser to remind me to take a breath and remember every moment of the day. Thank goodness he did that since it is one of the best days of my life!

  4. I love weddings, whether real or fictional. It's like a reminder that love always wins.

  5. Tara, I love weddings and love to read about them. I hate when things go wrong for a couple, or when families can't get along for as long as it takes to get two people married.
    Great post.

  6. You do have an awesome cover. I love weddings, and had great fun planning mine I wish I could do it again.


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