Happy Thanksgiving from Tara Randel

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Heartwarming readers. I hope today is spent with your family and loved ones. I plan on cooking, my favorite Thanksgiving tradition. As I typed the word tradition, I got to thinking about what this day has in store for us and came up with a list. Does your list come close?

1. Take time to be thankful for all the blessings this year.

 2. Get the turkey in the oven.
3. Can’t miss the Macy’s parade.

4. Football.

5. Sit at the beautifully decorated dinner table.

(Not my table. LOL)

6. Eat. Eat. Eat.

7. Clean up not so beautiful dinner table.

8. Football.
9. Pumpkin pie. Or apple. Or cherry. With whipped cream.

10. Take a long walk around the neighborhood to work off turkey haze. You might see early Christmas lights.

And the most important item on the list? Enjoy!

I’m sure I’ve missed a few traditions in this post. Share some of your favorite holiday traditions.



  1. Sounds about right on the whole day, Tara. Have a good time. That table is beautiful, but probably not the norm. Ha ha.

  2. You've covered all we love to do, Tara. A little heavy on the football for me, but Ron likes that. I usually set up my January calendar while he watches football. Love and good wishes to you and everyone of our HH sisters!

  3. We share the same traditions :-) and my beautiful table doesn't look like the picture either, but the people sitting around it made it beautiful to me :-) Happy Thanksgiving, Tara! Oh- I had a slice of apple and a piece of pumpkin!


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