December Update by Claire Caldwell


Happy December, everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying the lead-up to holiday season so far, whatever you may celebrate. Victoria asked me to fill in for her on the blog today because she’s taking off for Mexico next week [insert jealous groans].

Here at Harlequin HQ, the seasonal activities started in earnest  on Wednesday with our annual Holiday Fundraising Fair. I’m on the Holiday Spirit Committee for the editorial department, and each year we “adopt” a family in need. During the fair, we sell raffle tickets and our very own editorial cookbooks (which we write and design in-house) to raise money for the family. We also ask the department to donate food, toiletries, clothes, gift cards and other items. We had a tremendously successful fundraiser this year, and we’re all thrilled to be able to spread the holiday cheer in such a meaningful way.  

Me and editor Adrienne Macintosh showing off our cookbook at the Holiday Fair

Speaking of cheer, we’re VERY excited to share the news that RT will be reviewing Heartwarming books on their website from January onward (I may have let out a little “whoop!” at my desk when I saw Victoria’s email about it). According to RT’s editor, the reviews will likely go up closer to the end of the pub month. We’ll be the first to share them when they’re posted!

Yay for RT!!!!

We’re certainly looking forward to January, but right now we’re also celebrating the December releases. New-to-Harlequin authors Cerella Sechrist and Melanie Mitchell have both written books set in warm locales—Hawaii and Kenya, respectively.  Gentle Persuasion and Out of the Shadows promise to be toe-warming—as well as heartwarming—reads, whether you’re curling up by a fire or lounging on a beach somewhere (I’m looking at you, Victoria). The Husband Project, by Kristine Rolofson, is the second book in her Willing to Wed miniseries, about a town hosting a dating show. Loree Lough’s Devoted to Drew—also number two in a miniseries—deals with themes of family and parenting that are especially salient this time of year.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you all a fun and relaxing month.



  1. Claire, your post is making me feel like it's Christmas morning! So much wonderful news!

    What you are all doing for a family in need with the Harlequin fundraiser is fantastic...and I love the Santa hats and your cookbook cover ;).

    And HUGE THANKS (mind you that's an understatement) to all of you at Heartwarming for working so hard to get RT to review our line. totally deserve a vacation in Mexico (just don't be surprised if you come across some stowaways who look familiar lol). Claire, I'm feeling positive that the entire Heartwarming team is at the top of Santa's 'best' list ;)

    And I'm so excited about the December books! More beautiful covers. I can't wait to read them all, but I'm especially excited about Melanie's book because we're 'setting sisters' (Kenya for both of us). Can't wait to dig in!

    Thanks for such an uplifting post, Claire. I'm feeling some of that Kermit energy LOL. And have an awesome vacation, Victoria!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for guest-blogging for me, Claire! I have so much to do before I leave, wa.... (This is my third vacation just before Christmas in five years. Not sure I like the timing, but I'll take it: and it will be so neat to see poinsettia in their native land.) Have a wonderful holiday everyone--don't the December books look fantastic?

  3. Claire and Victoria, wonderful news about RT. The added exposure for our fantastic books will help readers find good reading material. Your Santa project will make the holiday merrier for some lucky family, and I know it'll do your hearts good as well. Victoria--I hope Mexico is having warmer weather than So. AZ. If you find sun, kick back and enjoy it. Merry Christmas to you and to all of the staff.

  4. I'm amazed that the eds find time to give back in such a personal way every year. Kudos! Love that we are on board with RT!

  5. Claire, Victoria - we all feel like Kermie looks! Wonderful news all around. Can I buy one of those cookbooks? Good work on helping a family.

  6. Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful editors that work with Heartwarming :) You truly make this a wonderful experience for your writers! And a big WOOT for getting RT to review our books :) Wonderful news along with all of the other, generous and giving things you are doing as a staff for others. I'm very proud to write for all of you!

    1. Fabulous news about RT!

      And, I love the cookbook. Can I buy a copy?

      LOL, I'm just now reading Kristine R's first Husband book. I'm at the point where the homeless girl is living in the heroine's mother's room. I love the hero's house :) And, I want to eat at the cafe and bid on a quilt.

  7. Yay for RT reviews!! Thank you Victoria and everyone who made it happen:)
    The Dec books look great...but I'm still reading the August/Sept releases...though I am sneaking in Secret Santa and loving it:) I'll get to these sometime in July lol!

  8. Wonderful line up of books. It's so great that you have a fundraising fair. Another Kenya book ~ I will read Rula's first.

  9. Good news! Your post is so fun, Claire! I love that Kermit gif - so perfect. So glad to get to work with such great people at Harlequin Heartwarming :)


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