Looking Back and Letting Go by Melinda Curtis

I confess.  As a working mom, I was a Pillsbury Crescent Roll addict.  We always had them on hand.

Need to bring snacks to a soccer after-party?  Why not pups-in-a-blanket made with Little Smokies and Crescents?

Need a people-pleasing breakfast without a lot of fuss? Why not ham and cheese breakfast quiche with a Crescent crust?

Need to add something to the meal?  Make some flaky Crescents!

But now my kids are gone and Mr. Curtis was told he needs to lose weight.  What had to go?  Crescents!  Nooooooooooooo!  In point of fact, most bread had to go and my husband's favorite pre-packaged cupcakes.  And soda.  And chips.  And homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Sigh.  What did I get instead?  Pistachios.  Almonds.  Cashews.  Every time we wanted bread or chips or cookies we had a handful of nuts instead.  Nuts became a staple in our shopping cart.  Not decadent.  Not sexy.  But it helped us both lose 10+ pounds.

But this holiday season, bread came back!  Sourdough, pumpernickel, whole wheat enrobed in nuts.  There was some soda.  Some chips.  Even some homemade cookies.  The carb load was lazily fantastic.

Why censor ourselves?  It was vacation, right?

But vacation ends on January 2...The kids are returning to college with the leftover soda, chips, cookies, and cupcakes.  We had purchased a 4-pack of Pillsbury Crescents for the holiday and tonight I'm using the last roll.  And then it's back to nuts.

So I ask you, what did you give up this past year?  And why?  Or what are you planning to give up in 2014?  And why? 


  1. You're making me crave bread, Mel. Nuts...all kinds (I should include my kids and pets in that statement lol)...are a staple in our house. I'm one of those who tends to crave carbs (esp sugar), so I have to be careful about what's at my fingertips. I actually went almost 2 yrs in recent history with zero sugar or caffeine (for health reasons), but I've let them seep into my diet again. I try to control sugar, but I'm 'nuts' about coffee.

    1. I am a caffeine nut. Not sure I'd be able to let it go. I confess for my husband - he sneaks things when he's out of the house.

  2. I want to lose weight too. I think I'll be doing less soda and sugar. Bread is my favorite. I'd be miserable without it.

  3. Salty stuff is my downfall. But isn't "all things in moderation" okay? I think if I said no chips I'd spend more time thinking about them than if I allow myself to have them. But Mel, I applaud you for giving up your Crescent rolls.

  4. Mel - I love those hot dogs in crescent roll thingies! They're yum. But you're absolutely right to go to nuts instead. My husband is diabetic so we're always a little careful, and he has diverticulitis also, so can't have nuts. But I hoard them for me because I love to have a treat when I really need something - and I love nuts almost as much as sugary stuff. I buy the large bag of peanuts in a shell from Costco and am forced to eat slowly because I have to shell them as I eat them. I also walk a lot, which helps a sort of dumpy peasant body from getting too awful. We did come home from a party yesterday with lots of leftovers. Am sending all the candy to you to send back to school with your kids!

  5. I feel your pain , Mel! I need to lies weight and I have high cholesterol and my doctor is pushing nuts and flax seed- ugh . I definitely cheated big time over the holidays, but it 's back to almonds Jan 2nd!


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