The Dating Game with the Monday Heartwarming Authors and Their Heroes

Long before the Bachelor, there was The Dating Game! You, dear reader, are the woman seeking a date and will be asking the questions of the Monday Heartwarming Author's Heroes.  Judge their answers carefully, post your date, and be in the running for some autographed books!
Normally, you don't know who's behind the partition, but we thought it'd be easier to keep track on the blog if we gave you some hints. Here we go...

Bachelorette (you): Gentlemen, what's your idea of a perfect first date?

Bachelor #1 (Mark Taylor, 33, newspaper reporter and editor, courtesy of Cheryl Harper's A Minute on the Lips, Feb 2014): Any date that involves good food and good conversation is pretty perfect to me. Here in Tall Pines, that means ribs at the Smokehouse. It's quiet enough that I'll have your life story before they serve the best cheesecake you ever put in your mouth.

Bachelor #2 (Kyle Mitchell, 32, history professor, courtesy of Cynthia Reese's upcoming HW release):  A walking tour of Historic Downtown Savannah in the spring -- if old houses bore her, she's not the girl for me.

Bachelor #3 (Flynn Harris, 28, millionaire/winery owner, courtesy of Melinda Curtis' Summer Kisses, Feb 2014):  Tacos and margaritas at my favorite restaurant, followed by a walk to the Harmony River bridge where sunset kisses bode well for a romance.

Bachelor #4 (Jack Banning, 32, surgeon, courtesy of Anna Adams' The Christmas Gift, Nov 2014): Something neither of us expects. I just watched a parade that welcomed Santa to Christmas Town, Maine for the season, and we’re headed to The Tea Pot for a cup of the best hot cocoa ever brewed. We met at an accident when I stepped off a life flight chopper, but I think tonight gives us time to strengthen that trauma-induced bond.

Bachelorette (you): What car would best describe your personality?

Bachelor #1 (Mark): Shiny red pickup truck because I'm made for work but I look good doing it.

Bachelor #2 (Kyle): A 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II -- at least I hope I put as much thought into my actions as Rolls Royce did when they built that car. I hope my attention to detail gives people as good an experience as a lucky owner of a Phantom II!

Bachelor #3 (Flynn): I've always been partial to my grandpa's bubble-fendered, black Caddy. Classic with character.

Bachelor #4 (Jack): I drive my Gramps’ rusty, gut-shaking truck that was probably vintage when he bought it. It needs some work, but don't we all?

Bachelorette (you): If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Bachelor #1 (Mark): Let's see...superpowers. I definitely would not mind superspeed. You'd think staying on top of the news in a place like Tall Pines would be easy, but tracking down the sheriff takes some dedication. And I do love my job, the newspaper, and my new hometown, but sometimes I'd rather be fishing.

Bachelor #2 (Kyle): The power to grant wishes wisely ... I'd like to be able to ease people's worries and stresses.

Bachelor #3 (Flynn): I've always thought X-ray vision would come in handy. Superman honed his skills to see beneath clothing - although he always used that power for good (checking for weapons and such).

Bachelor # 4 (Jack): Healing. I hate to see anyone in pain, and I’m a good trauma surgeon, but there will always be wounds beyond my power to mend.

Bachelorette (you): What's your best piece of advice for dealing with women?

Bachelor #1 (Mark): I'll never forget my dad saying "Smart women are worth the trouble." If you met my mother, you'd understand, and it's taken a while but I'm starting to see that he's right. Unless she's mad, I can always count on the good conversation part of the perfect date with a smart woman. And if she's mad, well...I'll have to count on good food and some fast talking to change her mind. That's a challenge I look forward to.

Bachelor #2 (Kyle): Shut up and listen -- a direct quote from my dad when he explained the trick to staying happily married to a happily married woman (my mom).

Bachelor #3 (Flynn): Communication is everything - mute the TV, even if the Superbowl is on and the score is tied!

Bachelor #4 (Jack): Give her time. Assume her concerns are valid. Show her she can trust you and depend on you, and that you’re willing to wait, but she can believe you’ll be there to pick her up, defend her, laugh with her—love her.
So, Bachelorette. Who will you choose? Bachelor #1 (Mark)? Bachelor #2 (Kyle)? Bachelor #3 (Flynn)? Or Bachelor #4 (Jack)?

After you choose, don't forget to blow a kiss to the audience!  Remember, one lucky reader will win an autographed book from each Monday author.  It's a Date!


  1. This was an awesome post! I loved getting this overview of some Heartwarming heroes! :)

  2. You ladies put a lot of work into this. What fun. I hope some of our readers pop in and play the game.

  3. Dear Monday Bloggers - please send Bachelor #2 to Astoria - I'll be waiting on the porch. In respect to question #4, I'd love to chat with all four of your heroes. Maybe we could all go for ribs together in the Phantom, then let Jack take us to find Santa. Well done, Ladies.

    1. Jack's truck is on the fritz, but he's borrowed Santa's sleigh, and he's ready, Muriel! :-)

  4. Okay, this was so creative. I'm glad I stopped by today. As for the bachelors, it's too hard to choose one (if I were single of course). I favored a different bachelor for each question, and I liked all of the answers for question 4!! Sure glad I'm already taken, but if I wasn't I'd have to put their names in a hat and pull the winner out.
    You ladies are such fun....thx for the afternoon chuckle, and a step back in time with The Dating Game. And oh yeah....blowing a kiss to the audience!!
    Liglesias3 [at] gmail [dot] com

    1. Hahaha! Loved synchronized kiss blowing!

    2. Laurie, congrats! You are our winner! I'll send you an email about the prizes! Thanks for commenting! We all hope you'll enjoy your bachelors!

  5. This was lots of fun to do! Thanks for putting the questions together, Mel! I loved learning about the other bachelors, too!

  6. This was AWESOME!! What a great idea!! They all sound so cool, but I must admit I'd probably end up with Kyle :). (Note: already getting the books so don't worry about the drawing;).

  7. I have to choose Flynn! He seems like the type to keep me laughing in between kisses on the bridge ;) Great post, ladies. Love it!


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