Summer Kick-Off Party Today on Facebook! by Cerella Sechrist

Ah, summertime, a season for the senses. Whether it's the sand in your toes, the breeze through your hair, or saltwater on your skin, there's just something about summer.

Several friends have recently started asking me which of my books is best for beach reading: Gentle Persuasion or The Paris Connection. I always choose Gentle Persuasion because its Hawaiian setting, to me, is the perfect vacation read and reminds me of my own trips to the islands - one of my favorite beach destinations!

But here in southern Pennsylvania, the days are finally warming, and the humidity is increasing. Summer is definitely in the air.

To celebrate summer's arrival, several Heartwarming authors are hosting a Summer Kick-Off party today on Facebook, and we're welcoming everyone to join us! We'll have plenty of games and giveaways, including autographed books; Amazon and Starbucks giftcards; and I'm even giving away a beaded honu (that's turtle in Hawaiian!) earring and necklace set - see a photo at the end of this post. There's also going to be a grand prize of a $45 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner!

The party runs from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST (10:00 am to 12:00 noon PST), and you can join us at the following link: 

Here's a list of some of the authors who will be attending:
Me! (Cerella Sechrist)
Melinda Curtis (our party host!)
Amy Vastine
Carol Ross
Tara Randel
Pamela Tracy
Syndi Powell
Dana Mentink
Anna J Stewart
Anna Adams
Karen Rock
Kate James  

Feel free to use the Tweet/Status below to invite your friends. We're looking forward to "seeing" you there as we get the summer started!

Tweet or post the following to your Facebook page:

Kick Off Summer with a Facebook Party! #FREEBooks #SweetRomance #HarlequinHeartwarming

To get things started early, feel free to answer the following question in the comments: "Which Heartwarming story are you most looking forward to reading this summer?"

I'll catch you at the party later today!

Here are just two of the prizes being given away at today's party!



  1. Cerella, What a perfect post for today! I didn't think I could be more excited for summer than I already am. I haven't read Gentle Persuasion yet, but now I'm going to! I didn't know it was set in Hawaii--one of my favorite vacation destinations. I'm sure I'll get as much of a taste for the Islands as I did of Paris in The Paris Connection(:

    1. Thanks, Carol! I appreciate your comments on today's post! I was actually really excited when I realized I was the scheduled poster for today, the same day as the party. So of course, I had to advertise. :) You and I have the best locations for our books, don't we? I think Alaska is a fantastic setting!

  2. Cerella. Loved the Paris Connection. Looking forward to Gentle Persuasion. I once lived in Hawaii and go back every chance I get. I don't know that I would want to live there again given the increase in cost of living. Love your gifties for the FB venture today. Not sure I'll get there as it's my sister's birthday and we have some things planned.

    1. I know, Roz! I think it would be amazing to live in Hawaii, but the cost would be prohibitive. So I guess we just visit whenever we can! :) Thanks for stopping by to comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed The Paris Connection! Have a wonderful day with your sister! :)

  3. I'm so excited to have been paired up with you in Australia! I'm sure THE PARIS CONNECTION and HIS HOMETOWN GIRL went so well together :) We are the March Madness Authors!

    1. LOL! AGREED, Karen! Australia will never be the same after us. :D

  4. Thank you for this post about the Facebook party, Cerella. Although I could not participate directly as I was on a flight, it appears to have been great fun! The energy and enthusiasm was contagious, and I decided to give away two Amazon gift certificates instead of one. Congratulations to winners Angie Young and Manda Jane Ward!

    1. I'm sure Angie and Manda are happy you gave away two gift certificates instead of just one, Kate! :) So glad you were able to offer a prize even if you couldn't be there!


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