You Gotta Love These Guys! by Cynthia Thomason

You Gotta Love These Guys!

All romance writers want their hero to be the kind of man the reader will fall for – the kind of man she, herself, falls for. But did you know that literary guys fall into four basic categories, all of which are fun and exciting and desirable? Oh, sure, there may be variations on these four types, including even a variation for the villain, but each type offers something toward the ideal of manhood.

The first type is the King. This man starts a men’s club. He throws a dinner party and is concerned that everyone is happy. If he gives an office presentation, he is on target and prepared. Often soft spoken but caring. After all, he is King. Think Don Draper perhaps?

The second type is the Warrior. This guy is an exercise freak. He has impeccable integrity and never lies. He’s not afraid of confrontation and he might well be a martial arts expert. Think anything John Wayne was ever in or William Wallace from Brave Heart.

The third type is the Magician. This man is often in his own world. He studies, he invents, he teaches. He can be quite spiritual and interested in astrology. He can fix anything and he runs the laboratory. Ladies, he might need some loosening up. Think efficiency experts like Spencer Tracy in Desk Set.

The fourth type is the Lover. This man sings and dances. He’s sensual and artistic. He often listens to music and enters his own creative world. And oh yes, he loves the ladies. Anything Rock Hudson was ever in with Doris Day comes to mind.

I’d love to know what character from books or movies you thought of while reading these variations. Who is your ideal King, Warrior, Magician, or Lover?

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  1. A mix of don draper and rock hudson would be ideal

  2. Ooooh I'm thinking a warrior king :).

  3. I think I prefer the idea of a man who can be a mix of warrior and lover. I like heroes who are stalwart, but kind and thoughtful. Good post. You make us think before we draw up a hero.


  4. Ack, I kept trying to figure out which one my husband was. I didn't find him LOL

  5. My favorites would be the Warrior and the Lover. My favorite Warrior hero is Hawkeye from LAST OF THE MOHICANS, and I loved the Richard Gere character in SHALL WE DANCE.
    Ron isn't there, either, Pam. I think we married multi-talented men of mystery who simply can't be defined. (Sounds good, doesn't it?)

  6. This is really interesting, Cynthia! I would have to say the Warrior and the Lover, too.

  7. Warriors and Lovers combos seem to be winning. And a lot of trying to figure out what our husbands are!

  8. I never thought about this before. Hmmm, one of my favorite literary heroes is Jamie Fraser from the "Outlander" series. He is most definitely a Warrior. SIGH.


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