Sit-Down Saturday with Marion Ekholm

Today we’re celebrating Marion Ekholm's release of 
An Act of Love.

So, Marion, where did you get the idea for this novel? It's an idea I've had for years - a woman dealing with everyone in her family wanting to know when it would be her turn to get married.

In looking at the cover, if you could add a caption or captions, what would they say? My cover speaks for itself. Not only is a wedding about to take place, it's in a beautiful outdoor setting. I love it.

How long did it take you to write? I started this story a long time ago with the intention of having my heroine, Marley, getting back together with Richard, the man she was in love with when she attended college. After about seven chapters into the story I had to stop. Brant indicated he'd make a better hero than Richard and my affection had shifted to Brant. I put the story aside for several more years before I could figure out how to make Marley fall for Brant. Something happened I hadn’t expected: a rivalry developed between Brant and Richard for Marley's affection.Thank goodness Marley decided she wanted Brant by the end of the book. 

What is your favorite scene? It's a tossup between Brant's demonstration of how he kisses actresses, his girlfriends and his wife versus Marley's four-year-old niece helping him propose marriage.

Who was your favorite character and why? Brant! I loved how his face lit up with a smile whenever he dealt with Marley.

If you could pick fictional characters to play the hero and heroine, who would they be? Patrick Demsey as Brant and Jennifer Garner as Marley (with long red hair).

Tell us one thing you learned during research. Research is best when it’s fun. I had so much enjoyment learning about music and how to play the guitar, all things that helped develop Marley’s character

What music would match the mood of this novel? Marley played the guitar and the music I enjoyed while working on this came from Bud Dashiell and Travis Edmonson, two folk singers who also played guitars. I loved their harmony. 

This is your 2nd book. Exactly what does that mean to you? It’s a delight to know my second isn’t a stepchild but one as good as my first. 

What do you plan to work on next? Today I’m working on a series of several books that take place in the Deer Valley Community College, based on the college where I work.   

What are you reading for pleasure right now? I’m catching up on the Heartwarming books I received at the RWA conference.


  1. How fun that sounds, Marion! Congratulations on a really appealing hero in your second book. Your cover is so gorgeous. I remember you telling us about learning to play the guitar - I dream of the day we can all get together just for fun one day and you can strum for us. Meanwhile, good wishes for fat sales!

  2. I loved this book!!

    I loved the banter between Marley and Brant and how off-kilter Brant made Marley feel.
    I'm glad Richard didn't work out too.

  3. I love/hate when a character takes over like Richard did when you were writing the story. I think that while it makes writing harder, the character adds depth to the story. Now I'm off to find it on the web!

  4. Congratulations on your new book, Marion. And I love your cover!!! I can't wait to read it. I think your story about how this book came about is very important for all of us to remember. Just because we didn't finish a book or got stumped, DON"T throw those pages away. You would be surprised how going back to the files can be just the treasure hunt we should be conducting!!!


  5. I agree, I love going back on a treasure hunt into old and sometimes lost ideas. Great cover, Marion.

  6. Marion, I'm so looking forward to reading An Act of Love! Sound like such a fun story. (I really enjoyed Just Like Em.) I love how your hero shifted--sometimes your heroine knows better than you who is right for her, right? Congratulations on book two!

  7. Marion, I loved this story partly because it's really rare for a romance book to show two men over such a long stretch of time who are vying for the heroine. And Marley is so realistic. You probably see her struggles many times over in your work at the college.
    And I loved the cover even before I read the book. Keep them coming.

  8. I enjoyed reading how AN ACT OF LOVE came to be, Marion. I love the cover, too, and look forward to reading it!

    Congratulations on your second book!

  9. Love the cover of this book and love that the heroine fell for someone other than you planned!! Such an interesting twist, even for you :)

  10. Marion, I'm reading your book now and enjoying it very much. It's fast-paced and funny and of course heartwarming, too! Congratulations on this your second book!

  11. I can't wait to start this book!!! Love it :)


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