Can I Come In? (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Knock. Knock.  I'm standing out here on the porch, suitcase in hand, with boxes in the truck waiting out on the street.  Not two ton of them.  Not like, everything I own, but...a lot.

I was invited to move in with you all.  So here I am accepting the invitation.  I want to tell you right up front that I have a home.  Two of them, actually, but it's so lovely here that I asked if I could make this my third home.  I was quite excited to be told that I could.  So here I am!

If you want to follow along with me while I get settled, I'll tell you a little bit about myself and then I'd love it if you'd tell me how I can contribute here.  What do you need or want from me?  How can I help?

First, no, don't pick up that box.  It's heavy and I've got someone here helping me with it.  It's filled with my Superromance author copies.  There are about sixty more, just like it.  Wait, what, you want to try one?  I'd be happy to share.  As you can see, there are a lot of them.  I'll tell you what, you spread the word to your friends here, and I'll give out what I have here in this smaller box.  It's one we can lift.  I think there are ten of them here.  So...anyone who wants to gather around, a free book in exchange for suggestions - tell me what you'd like to see in Heartwarming, give me an idea of what I can do for you here - and I'll give away free books (E-copy) to randomly chosen commenters until they're gone. 

Oh, I see you've noticed those boxes.  Those are my MIRA titles.  While a lot of them are Romantic Suspense, there's also a brand new one, The Friendship Pact.  It's straight women's fiction.  The story of best friends, the sacrifices they'll make for each other, the challenges they face, and, heart-breakingly, the things that come between them.

Ah...the little gold treasure chest. I have one just like it in my other two homes as well.  That's filled with my true life love story.  My husband and I wrote it together.  It's called It Happened on Maple Street and was published by HCI books, the true life publisher.  They did the original chicken soup for the soul books.  And twelve step books.  Maple Street is a survivor story.  And I won't say anything more about it right now. 

So...where do you want me?  I've got a laptop.  Diet coke.  Wine (for the evenings, I like just one glass when I'm done working for the day).  Frosted Mini-Wheats.  And Netflix so I can watch my old re-runs to fall asleep at night.  I also don't go anywhere without a copy of the movie, Mary Poppins.  It's a guaranteed middle of the night dragon slayer.

Whew.  I'm tired.  Move in day is exciting, and exhausting, too.  So, share some wine, and tell me what I can do for you here.  I've got the 'box' of e-books (ttq 2014 releases) right here in it's own folder on my computer.  Leave a comment, give me a suggestion, and I'll start drawing names!  Prizes up for grabs are listed below.  Click on the covers to find out more about them!

a. tnWifeByDesign b. tnOnceAFamily c. tnTheFriendshipPact d. tnHusbandByChoice e.tnChildByChance


  1. Welcome to our humble abode, Tara. It's so exciting to have you join the group!

  2. Waving from Tucson to my long-time friend. I started to say "old" friend, but I'm the old part. I probably have in my keeper file nearly all of your books. I think you will love it here.

  3. I'm new here, too, but I've seldom felt so welcomed anywhere. It's a very fun sorority and I'm happy to see you in it. (Don't worry--they don't haze.)

  4. Hi, Tara! Welcome to Heartwarming. Most romance writers are wonderful people, but this group is something special. Happy to join you in a glass of wine - but Frosted Mini -Wheats? Do you have anything chocolate? I can be right there. Hope you enjoy our company - we're thrilled to have yours.

  5. Roz, Long-time friend means we're both older, right? So glad to be writing for the same line again!!

    Liz, Welcome to you, too, then! We'll learn the ropes together!

    Muriel, I'm addicted to Mini-Wheats. Dry. At my desk. Straight out of the box. No clue as to why. I don't even remember for sure when or how it happened. And I'm a cheap chocolate date. Hersey's or M&M's do it for me. Anything more is too rich! Oh, but I like chocolate ice cream!

  6. Hello Tara,

    It's wonderful to have you join us. I look forward to reading many more of your books!

    Best wishes.


  7. I'm joining the chorus here to say "Welcome, Tara!" I think we'll all have to help each other along the way. This is a great group and I'm so happy to be part of it too. Here's my glass of wine raised in a toast. Hip, hip, hooray for Heartwarming!

  8. Hi Tara. I'm a Heartwarming reader, and I can't tell you how much I love this line of books. You're in some great company! Best wishes to you!

  9. Welcome! I am fairly new here,too. I love to read Heartwarming books.


  10. Welcome Tara, You'll love the Heartwarming ladies.

  11. Hi Tara, welcome to the Heartwarming line. I think you'll fit in here. You know I have all your books, mostly first releases. I'll share your chocolate, but make mine two scoops of Rocky Road, skip the Mini Wheats.

  12. Sorry to be late to the party! This is an awesome group...welcoming this Mississippi writer with open arms. So glad to "see" you here with us, Tara! I hope to meet everyone in person in New York.

  13. And the winners are...

    Everyone who commented who wants an e-Copy of one of the above titles, send your email address to with title request. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!


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