Happy Halloween From the Heartwarming Authors

Trick or treat! 
Heartwarming authors are here 
To share something sweet
We've gathered some photos to share
Halloween costumes
That shouldn't give you a scare!

Leigh Riker's granddaughter Kim (on the right) with her friend Nicky dressed as bumblebees - sweet as honey! 

Anna J. Stewart looking adorable as Princess Leia and a witch (I hear we missed out on an amazing Batgirl costume!)

Dana Mentink thinks she looks "corny", but the rest of us think she's a cutie!
Pamela Tracy's son went as Darth Vader, but this little guy wasn't going to wear a helmet, he went with the glasses and fake nose (with pencils stuck up there) because ... why not!

Liz Flaherty's granddaughter Tierney is the sweetest candy kiss around!

Amy Vastine's son and daughter - sometimes the frog has to kiss the princess!

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume? What were you when you were little or who do you get to dress up? Your kids? Your pets? Tell us who puts the BOO in your Halloween! No tricks, just treats :)


  1. I loved it one year when my kids all dressed up as power rangers - easy peasy in the costume aisle with 3 kids.


  2. This year Mike wanted to be Captain Rex from Star Wars the Clone Wars. We went to three stores. No clone costumes. So, he's going as a skateboarder. LOL, very good. He wanted me to buy him elbow and knee protectors. That's what I did, and he'll wear them all year. Now, he's planning on spraying painting his hair red so he can go as Ronald Weasley, wizard skateboarder

    1. I love the creativity and I love that the costume contains things that can be used in general. Those are my favorite Halloween accessories!!

  3. I love there’s one day out of the year when you can lose your inhibitions and dress up crazy. The pictures on the post are wonderful. Happy Halloween!

  4. Very cute pictures, ladies! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Apparently the coolest authors in the kingdom, have the cutest kids - or were the cutest kids themselves. One year my oldest son wanted to be a mummy - I got to tear bed sheets into tiny strips. Felt like Scarlett O'Hara in the hospital scene in Gone With the Wind. Second son was always too cool for costumes and trick-or-treated in street clothes. My daughter didn't care what she wore as long as she got to wear heels. Of course, I always brought along her tennies and ended up carrying the heels by the end of the evening. But they shared their candy with me, so all was well Wonderful post and photos!

  6. Fun photos. I tried to find a picture of when Denny and I went to a party one year as a pinochle. I made the giant playing cards that we wore as sandwich boards. My sorority used to have a great costume party every year and it was such fun. Except that year we couldn't sit down the whole evening.

  7. What fun. I'm afraid my kids are too old to trick or treat...although I do believe my 52-yr-old one plans to do just that...lol too bad I couldn't find her in a recent costume. :-)

  8. At the risk of sound Scroogey, I didn't really like the whole costume thing (laziness abounds!) but a few years, we had Halloween parties instead of trick or treating and those were fun. Then, like it did everything else, grandparenting changed Halloween. I love seeing the grandkids dressed up!

  9. I miss dressing up!! Alas, I haven't had any kids to torture with costumes, LOL...but these pics are making me wish otherwise. The bees! OMG, the bees . Thanks for posting!


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