A Promoting We Will Go

It's not just about writing.  It's about all the other things you do.
The first book signing I did was over a decade ago.  
It was for a book called It Only Takes A Spark.
It was the most exciting.
Here I'm at a booksigning at the Scottsdale Main Library, just last Saturday.
At the first book signing, all I did was sign and visit, and hawk.
At this signing, I signed, and visited, and worked on my next book.
One note:  My first book was with a line called Heartsong Presents.
This week, the line discontinued.
It's like when they tear down your old high school. 

Besides booksignings, authors wind up giving workshops.
Maybe not all authors, but most that I do.
I'm a handout kind of gal.
I also do not need a microphone and if you force me to use one,
I start talking monotone and freeze.

I've learned to team up with another author, usually from another genre.
It doubles your audience 
might introduce you to someone who's never read - in my case - sweet before. 

My favorite places to promote are libraries and festivals.
How about you?
Where do you go to promote...
Where do you like to hear authors promote?

Right now, I'm promoting two books.

Holiday Homecoming, my brand-new Heartwarming.  It's the third in the series.  
It's available from e-harlequin

I'm also promoting the first historical I've written in a decade.  
It's called Two by Two and is in an Indy Collection called Mistletoe Kisses.
For the month of November, it's only 99 cents.
Hop over to Amazon and get it today.

You want to know what I'm promoting today?  
Well, it's Sunday.  I'm off to church.  
Then, I've got to clean the stuff off the wood where my new countertops will go on Wednesday
 and inbetween all that
I need to write 3000 (yes, 3000) words.

Anybody got an aspirin?  


  1. I like to see authors promoting their books in bookstores.


    1. Laurie,
      Me, too, but the bookstores that were author friendly in my neighborhood have closed down :(
      My worst experience was in a Borders. I promoted the tar out of that signing. I called the manager three times. In the end, he confessed that he only ordered 8 of my books, and he ordered them so last minute, they were in danger of not showing in time. I wound up bringing my own copies to sell and for them to reorder for me. Sure enough, I sold four times what he ordered. Plus, I kept track of my friends and family and did a spread sheet on what they spent. Not on my book alone, but what they bought. I earned that store 560 some dollars that night. Then, it took me two months of perstering them to get replacement copies of the books I'd brought.
      There was another Borders in town that wasn't like that a bit. They were wonderful. Sigh. They closed first.

    2. That's some story. Borders closed some time ago in my area. We have numerous B&N's and Books A Million's. As a whole, book stores are plentiful where I live so it would be nice if more authors promoted their books in them. I would sure be thrilled to see a Heartwarming author in one of them. : )

  2. We're all glad to hear that, Laurie! And I'm sure it doesn't surprise you to hear that we love it when readers show up in person to support their favorite authors!

    Wishing you and Pam a restful Sunday!

    1. Restful? If I look that up in the dictionary, it's under the category of goals.

    2. I would absolutely support my favorite authors, and I'd bring my friends too!!

  3. So sorry we missed the Scottsdale Library presentation but our mutual friend Sandy and I were preparing her for her move into her new home - one hundred feet east of my place. We both had planned to attend. Heard it was a great success.

  4. Pamela, I wish I could have gone to your presentation! I'm so shy I can't imagine doing them, but I love to hear other writers talk about writing. Hope you're getting all your Sunday tasks done. I'll be out here writing, too!


    1. I'm checking in here and then going to the library to write. My nine year old served the Senior Saints today at church. he wore a white shirt and black pants. He looked so grown up.

  5. Pam, You always give such informative presentations and I keep your handouts. Sorry I missed the Scottsdale library event, but I have a looming deadline. I don't mind doing panel presentations, I'd freeze on my own without a microphone or with one. I used to love book signings, but they don't seem to go over as well here in Tucson as they did in other places I've lived.


    1. Which amazing me, Roz, as you have more knowledge in your little finger as I do my whole body. I can remember when I first joined RWA and heard you speak. I was so in awe and learned so much.

      You are way more a natural than me.

  6. Congratulations on both books, Pam. I do a quarterly workshop at the local community college. I've had book signings at a local store since I've been back and, mostly, my friends come and two die-hard fans that have been with me since the first book. Otherwise, it's a long quiet afternoon. And big-city signings don't seem to do much better for me - I remember signing at a B. Dalton's in Portland, and the only 'live-one' I had that afternoon wanted to know if I knew when Stephen King's next book was coming out. But - as much as it often aggravates me - I do love the writing part of it all.


    1. I often get "Where's the bathroom?"
      The Barnes and Noble here treats me good, but I've not had a signing there in a while. I blame nine year old child and soccer and little league and cub scouts. LOL

      What is cool is that occasionally a long lost friend or past student says, "Hey, I know you."

  7. I'm not a fan of book signings, but I love Q & As or panels when you get to interact with readers or other writers. I'm okay on my own (without a microphone) but think it's more fun when others are involved. However, I'm with Muriel--it's the writing part I love,

    I'd heard about Heartsong. I'm sorry. I still mourn Precious Gems!


  8. I'm weird. I love giving workshops and usually my hand is in the air first volunteering, but then I'm a teacher by day so used to be in front.

    Yes, I'm still amazed at their demise. They were great. I had Hilary Sares, who did you have?

    1. I had Hilary, too. I don't even remember who else there was--I thought it was her baby. I do remember the day the late, great Kate Duffy called me at home. I stammered so much I'm amazed she understood anything I said, but I still remember her laughing and saying, "Call me Kate."

    2. Cool beans. I got the call from Hilary. I'd not sent it to Precious Gems, though. I'd sent it to another line. She asked me to cut it by 20,000 words LOL

  9. Sorry to hear about Heartsong, Pam, but congrats on the other releases! I love the cover of Holiday Homecoming :).

  10. Me, too. Heartwarming does such a great job with covers.


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