Black Friday Early (Tara Taylor Quinn)

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Now, on with my show…
I’m one of those who loves Black Friday.  On Black Friday.  I don’t want to leave my family, or the relaxation of home, or the mindset of openness, safety and thanks that permeates our home on Thanksgiving Day to go shop.  But come before the crack of dawn Friday morning and I’m excited and up and ready to go.
This year, there won’t be a lot of places to go.  I’m seeing that a lot of stores are open from 5am until 1am on Thanksgiving, but not opening until 8am on Friday.  And another change – there are sales on the Internet right now – Black Friday deals like I used to find only when I got up at the crack before dawn on Black Friday.  Today I saw one such deal.  I called my mother and a purchase was made on line.  I’ve already picked it up from the store and delivered it to her.  No waiting.  No hassle.  Not as much fun, either.
But One thing I’ve learned about life is that it changes.  And it’s counterproductive not to accept that.  But the world’s change doesn’t mean that I have to change what I know to be important to me.  I’m not going to shop on Thanksgiving.  I’m still planning to be up early on Friday.  To scout out the deals.  To have fun with my honey and get some breakfast out and buy Christmas gifts.  I just won’t be at Best Buy at 5am.  And I might spend an extra dollar or two.  I’m okay with that.
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.  I hope each and every one of you feel loved.  Appreciated.  Please know that I appreciate your support here.
Tim and I are cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving Day.  (And dressing and scalloped corn and green beans, too.)  What will you be doing?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tim and your entire family, Tara . . . and to all our American readers.

    Although Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, Black Friday has migrated across the border, and it seems to be gaining momentum each year.

    Thank you for pointing out the Black Friday savings at Harlequin!

    Best wishes to everyone.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Tara and all!

    Now, Black Friday online I can handle...just not the shoulder to shoulder crowds. But right now...I'm off to cook whatever else needs the oven so that I can free it up for the Turkey ;).

  3. I'm the cook today for my sister and me. She has never liked to cook in her whole life. But it's just the 2 of us left in our nuclear family, so we enjoy the holidays and have a good time. My kids are busy, busy with their own lives and like I said in another post, I hate holiday travel. Tara, you and Tim go get all of the Black Friday specials. Since I have to mail most of my gifts I'm about finished shopping and wrapping. Monday I'll be in line at the post office. Oh Joy! Happy Turkey Day to all.

  4. I agree with you, Tara. I loved Black Friday, too, but never let it mess with Thanksgiving. In our small town (well, 10,000) we don't have quite the mob mashes they have in big cities, so the crowds are more fun than scary. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a total blast shopping tomorrow. Friends are bringing us dinner later this afternoon. (How wonderful is that!) Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

  5. Enjoy your turkey and shopping. I plan to have a quiet day and enjoy my time off from work.

  6. I love Black Friday! My sister and I used to get up at 5 and hit the stores at the mall by 6. I love the excitement in the air, the cash registers ringing, even the shoulder to shoulder walking. Then about 11 we would go eat at Cracker Barrel. Then home for a nap. lol Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  7. I'm not a Thanksgiving Day shopper, either! I tried the Black Friday thing ONCE, and after nearly being trampled (more than once), I said never again! ;-) It's one of those days when I draw the blinds, lock the doors, and stay inside, preferably with a good book, like...Wife by Design! ;-)


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