Sit Down Saturday with Pamela Tracy

Today, we're celebrating the release of 
Holiday Homecoming 
Pamela Tracy

She loves to both write and read

Where did I get the idea for this novel?
Meredith was born in the first book of the Scorpion Ridge Series.  She’s a bit like me.  She likes to be in charge, gets a little possessive of what she thinks is hers, and loves animals.
What made this book was a story told to me by a mom sitting next to me at my son’s little league game.  It was about an old man who died and his children had to clean out his middle-of-nowhere Arizona desert cabin.  They found bones.  Human bones.  They were terrified.  Turns out, the dad was a grave robber of Native American sites. 

In looking at the cover, if I could add a caption or captions, what would they say? 
"I only look like I’m at peace."

How long did it take me to write?
This one took about four months.

What is my favorite scene?
LOL, ah the life of a writer.  I’ve already written two books since that one.  I know I love the scene where the heroine’s daughter make’s rainbow loom bracelets for everyone in the wedding party to wear.  My nine year old taught me how to make them :)

Who was your my character and why?
Meredith, because she softened.  Jimmy because he recognized a good thing when he found it and he learned how to prioritize.

If I could pick fictional characters to play the hero and heroine, who would they be?
I have a huge template.  Here's the character page for Meredith and Jimmy.


James Murphy
Meredith Stone
Age 29 - list maker
Works for Nature Times magazine
Dodge black 250 truck
Age 28 - fills calendars
   wears ponytails

Deceased wife - Regina, gone a year (cheated with a dark-haired personal trainer) was 26
Brother Danny (28)- left at alter
Father Mitch (cattle and sheep operation)  Mother Debbie
Uncle Matthew - farmed beans, squash, corn, etc.
Aunt Shari
Boss Thom Steward
Grandpa Ray (82) Wife Sandra. (Sandra dead five years) Only likes Zack driving him.
Dog Pepper

Dad Burt (doesn’t much like animals)
Mom Karen - busy Realtor
Brother Zack - in med school
Susan - about to get married, from college
  • owns a brown SUV

One thing I learned during research.
I took my son and five of his friends to a Wolfdog Habitat.  I learned that most people don’t have the time or knowledge to handle the needs of such a magnificent animal (notice I didn’t say pet or all people).

This is my 27 book.  Exactly what does that mean to me?
LOL, that maybe I do now how to write.  Now, if I could just get past horrible, horrible writer’s block on the one I’m working on.

What do I plan to work on next?
You met Adam in the first story.  He was the mural artist.  Well, he’s now working for Yolanda, who was the maid.  She’s no longer a maid!  

What am I reading for pleasure right now?
The Esther Diamond series by Laura Resnick.  I am just starting Doppelgangster 


  1. Pam - I so love your cover! And you, too. Isn't it miraculous how stories come to us? You'd think going to your son's Little League game would be a distraction, but it wasn't. It was research. You'll get over the current block - the fact that you're still functional on any level during the kitchen remodel is a miracle in itself. Would love to read about a mural artist.

    1. The kitchen remodel has taken over my life. I've never had so much trouble writing. I think it's that my house is a mess. I cannot write in this mess. I need clean.

  2. I love holiday stories and I really like the sound of this one. It's on my list now.

  3. Pamela, Congratulations on #27! I am already intrigued by the sound of this story... I love how you incorporate a bit of suspense in your books. Positive thoughts for you to get through your block. But Muriel is right--it won't last long. I feel that your creativity will grow right along with your new kitchen(:


  4. Today Don got the microwave in install. The fridge is where it needs to be. I can unload the food from our camper. But, still no sink. I actually carried dishes to the car, drove to Grandpa's, and did them there.

    1. Oh, see? There you soon as you get that sink you can wash your writer's block right down the drain with the dirty dishwater!

  5. I like how you create little character sketches! This sounds like an interesting read - can't wait to get to it. If it's as wonderful as the author, it's sure to be a favorite :)

  6. Your new book sounds wonderful. I learned to make those rainbow loom bracelets from my granddaughter. Boo to writers' block! Hope that and your kitchen remodel end soon. A definite connection there.

  7. Thanks Leigh. Now, he wants me to play Pixel 3D. I'd rather make a bracelet.

  8. It's a pleasure to share release month with you, Pamela.

    And for our Australian friends, I am thrilled to have my release, A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS, packaged with your HOLIDAY HOMECOMING as a paperback duo:

    I look forward to reading HOLIDAY HOMECOMING.

  9. Book 27. Wow! I'm both amazed and green. :-) Totally understand that writer's block thingy...and why--I gutted half my house last year, but believe me, it will be worth it. Looking forward to reading Holiday Homecoming!


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