Sit-Down Saturday with Cynthia Reese

Great to have you here today, Cynthia!

Where did you get the idea for this novel?
 I grew up with a mom who moved walls around furniture, not furniture around walls -- we lived in a constant cloud of sawdust. So I came to love old houses. Plus, my sister lives in an historic neighborhood. Because of that, I've heard all sorts of pros and cons of historic preservation restrictions. I wondered what it would be like to try to grow a relationship when two people had such vast differences in opinion about a renovation.

In looking at the cover, if you could add a caption or captions, what would they say?

Hmmm ... Tough one! Maybe the corny one about when one door closes?
How long did it take you to write?
 I declare writer's amnesia! I think about three months, but honestly? I can't remember. 

What is your favorite scene?
 Has to be the "canning tomatoes" scene, where the home's AC gives up the ghost. I love how my hero rides into the rescue ... To me, a guy fixing things is the ultimate romantic gesture.

Who was your favorite character and why?
 Gran, hands down! I love her feisty, never give up attitude. I've known so many strong southern women with so much starch in them that they'll never wilt.

If you could pick fictional characters to play the hero and heroine, who would they be?
 You mean actresses and actors? My heroine Allison looks a lot like Maria Thayer, while my hero Kyle would be a more relaxed Ben McKenzie.

Tell us one thing you learned during research.
 I thoroughly enjoyed all the info about what historic preservation groups can and cannot do that Leah Michalek of the Savannah/Chatham Metropolitan Planning Commission's Historic Preservation division. She showed me tons of Second Empire and Victorian homes and was so patient with me.

What music would match the mood of this novel?
Anything Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin -- in fact, those old romantic dance tunes were what on my playlist as I wrote.

 This is your 6th book. Exactly what does that mean to you?
 That I'm not a fluke?? This book was special because it was my second original work specifically targeted toward Heartwarming ... It makes me hope I might be getting the hang of this writing business. 

What do you plan to work on next?
My next book, MAN OF HIS WORD, is the start of a series about a family of firefighters and the stresses the danger and risk can put on a relationship. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to stay with a family for more than one book.

 What are you reading for pleasure right now?
Hmm ... I read A LOT. While I'm writing, I seldom read romance, opting instead for non-fiction or thrillers. I recently finished THE HUSBAND'S SECRET by Liane Moriarty (two thumbs up!) and a non-fiction book LONGITUDE by Dava Sobel (another two thumbs up!). Right now I'm reading a non-fiction personal finance book, HOW COME THAT IDIOT IS RICH AND I'M NOT?, by David Shemin, and about to start on Vince Vater's PAPERBOY.


  1. Thanks for the great interview. Your new Heartwarming book sounds like an interesting read.

  2. Cynthia, sending you good thoughts. It's amazing you can write with all of trials and tribulations you've endured lately. Take care. Looking forward to the book.

  3. Cynthia, congratulations on your new release and on your 6th book! This sounds like a fun read. I love the setting of the historic house. One of my favorite vacations ever was to Charleston, SC. All those old houses.... I could never get tired of looking at them!

  4. I love your cover, Cynthia! I live in a town filled with Scandinavians and my husband is a Dane, so my kitchen is yellow and blue. Congratulations on the release. We live in an historic home (not fancy, just old) and I'm well aware of the pros and cons of the matter - should make for really interesting romance. Wish you all the best over the next month or so and will keep you at the top of the prayer list! Merry Christmas!

  5. Great interview, Cynthia. Had to chuckle about your mom moving walls lol ;). Best wishes!

  6. A beautiful cover! I love houses, too.

  7. Congratulations on your latest release, Cynthia! I love your beautiful book cover; it's so inviting! Thanks for sharing a great interview.

  8. I also read THE HUSBAND'S SECRET and yes, definitely a thumbs up. On the book, I've gotta read it. I'm Ms Fit-It around here. I've done a lot of the renovations myself. And I love doing it. The entire house as been changed in some way other other. Now I have 3 bathrooms to do before I can say I'm done. But there's always the basement.


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