Sit-Down Saturday with Eleanor Jones

Today we are celebrating the release of ‘A PLACE CALLED HOME’ by Eleanor Jones.

So, Eleanor, where did you get the idea for this novel?
         This is the second in my Creatures Great and Small series. It is in the same setting as the Country Vet and we meet some of the characters from that story. I wanted to have an animal theme again of course and as I also love painting I thought it would be nice to make Ellie an artist who paints contemporary wildlife pictures. 
In looking at the cover, if you could add a caption or captions, what would they say?
‘Wild and Free.’

 How long did it take you to write?
About three months without editing etc.
What is your favourite scene?
I love many of the scenes where Ellie paints animals in real life, especially the one as darkness falls, way up the fell where Andy is trying to help a fell pony mare to foal. I also like the scene where Andy takes Ellie to the Cravendale Animal Centre’s charity ball. It was so nice to see them all dressed up, he in a tux and she in a blue dress that perfectly matched her eyes. 
If you could pick fictional characters to play the hero and heroine, who would they be?
I’ve thought long and hard about this. A young Harrison Ford would be ok for Andy, but I’m struggling with Ellie. I guess she’s unique. It would have to be someone small and slight with  a cap of blonde curls and very blue eyes.

Tell us one thing you learned during research?
As animals and the countryside, where these stories are set, are such a huge part of my life, I didn’t really need to do much research.
What music would match the mood of this novel?
Something Country I guess, emotional and meaningful. 
This is your third book. Exactly what does this mean to you?
I’ve been writing teenage mysteries for years but having the chance to write romance is really special. It is so rewarding too, to have a series and be able to link up again with some of the characters I’ve already created. 
What do you plan to work on next?
I am already working on the next in the series and I have one more in the pipe line.
What are you reading for pleasure right now?
 I’m trying to catch up with books by other Heartwarming authors and thoroughly enjoying them. 


  1. It was great getting to know you a little better, Eleanor! A PLACE CALLED HOME sounds like a delightfully touching story, and I'm looking forward to reading it. Here's hoping your weekend is warm and wonderful!

    1. Thanks Loree have a great weekend too. I hope to read Once a Marine soon. I'm trying to read as many heartwarming a as I can

  2. Eleanor, Thank you for sharing with us. I love your cover and when I return from Houston, where I am this week, I should have yours, Loree's, Roz's and Mae and Gwen's book waiting for me. I'm writing about horses now and I'm so excited to read your story! I have always loved horses--dogs, cats, birds, you name them, I love animals. But horses are so majestic, so "knowing" of our spirits no matter what face we show the world. Congratulations on your release!

    1. Thanks Catherine. I think animals kind of keep you grounded

  3. Eleanor, I loved this story. And I'll say here I loved Loree's too. I've just started Mae and Gwen's book. You all make me read more when I should be writing. LOL. I loved Ellie being a painter. The cover is very enticing, too.

  4. Elanor, Congratulations! I love your cover, too. I am very intrigued by your description of this story--and by your life! Can't wait to read.

  5. Although I no longer have animals, I enjoy reading about them. Look forward to your book.

  6. Congratulations on the release, Eleanor. Love books about painters and animals, so this should double my pleasure. And I feel as though I could walk right into that beautiful cover. I didn't know you'd written teen mysteries. You must be well organized to do all that you do. My best wishes for great reviews and fat sales!

  7. Enjoyed learning more about you, Eleanor. I love animal books, too and yours sounds wonderful. As do all the Heartwarming books.

  8. I love that cover so much! James Herriott's books have places of honor on my keeper shelf, and your stories remind me of him.

  9. Sounds like a lovely read, Eleanor! I love that you have a heroine that is all your own and can't imagine anyone playing her because she is that special and unique. Love that :)

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments. You are all so talented and supportive that I feel honoured to be a Heartwarming author

  11. Eleanor, I'm dying to curl up with this book. I'm a fellow animal lover who loves living out in the countryside too. I wish we were neighbors!


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