Summer Reading by Tara Randel

Summer is here! The kids are out of school. It’s vacation season! What better time to escape between the pages of a good book?

Whether you’re at the beach or poolside, slathered in SPF 50 and drinking a cool beverage, nothing beats relaxing with a book you can’t put down.

The question is, what kind of book?


My fall back is always romance. With new Heartwarming books available every month, I can easily get my fill. There are new authors to the line, as well as authors I have come to love. Give me a fun, laugh-out loud story, or romantic suspense, and I’m a happy girl.

But I also love to read blockbuster thrillers as well. For some reason, I always hold off and read these types of book in the summer. Talk about escaping! Saving the world is hard work! Someone has to sit back and read about it.

Interested in paranormal? If vampires and shape-shifters are up your alley, how much better with some romance thrown in.

A mystery is always fun. Between amateur sleuths and police procedurals, you can enjoy figuring out who-done-it, easily spending hours uncovering the culprit. If you like to get your mind working, there are plenty of good mysteries waiting for you.

How about thumbing through a cookbook? I like to cook and have compiled dozens of recipes I’ve never tried, but that doesn’t stop me from looking for new ideas. There’s something about being daring in the summer. Get that grill warmed up or try that new dish you’ve been afraid to tackle.

I’m working on a new book right now, so my pleasure reading time is very limited. But that doesn’t stop me from looking up my favorite authors to find out the next release date of their books. After all, no self respecting reader can keep up with their To Be Read pile. So many books, so little time.....

What are your favorite summertime books? Leave a comment. I’ll be giving away a copy of Magnolia Bride.

Enjoy your summer!      


  1. Hi, Tara! How to decide? Anything I read has to have a lot of romance in it, so I tend to stay with names familiar to all of us who write it. But I love humor, too, so Janet Evanovich, Jill Barnett, Kristan Higgins. Before I sold, I managed a book store for four years and had many customers who read cookbooks like I read novels. As a non-cook, I found that interesting, but couldn't fault the light in their eyes when they found a book they didn't have. How nice that there are enough readers out their to support all of us (emotionally, at least!)

  2. This summer has been so busy that I've fallen even further behind on my TBR pile! I lean toward reading things unlike what I write (I'm afraid of being an inadvertant copycat) so have been reading a lot of Amish romance. There is something about them that draws me.

  3. I love to read a sweet romance during the hot summer months...and the winter...and the fall...anytime. I'm often drawn to book covers with a beach during the summer. My dream vacation would be a week off to just read. :)

  4. My favorite summertime books are Heartwarming books and cozy mysteries. I like many different genres including: historical fiction, true crime (every now and then), literary fiction, and non-fiction. Books just call out to me. I like to read deeper stuff during the colder months for some reason. I have so many cookbooks I've made a personal vow not to obtain any more for a while. If I want something interesting I look it up online. ( :

  5. Heh, well, it's the middle of winter in my half of the world, and we're half a year away from the big summer school holidays! However, our winters are mild and the spring buds and blossoms are already starting to appear.

    At the moment I'm actually reading a lot of Christmas books (review books - it is seriously early for those!). However, because it's winter, it sort of feels appropriate. Many people around here celebrate Christmas in July, and have big Christmas parties for the occasion, because the season feels more appropriate.

  6. Congratulations Jill. You'll be receiving a copy of Magnolia Bride.


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