Sitting Down This Weekend (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Happy weekend, Everyone!  I hope you're all finding some minutes to relax and enjoy a break from the work week.  I'm no good at relaxing.  It's one of the things I find most challenging.  My nature pushes me to accomplish, no matter what.  When I do sit down to watch a show, I am still accomplishing.  I create crafty pieces for my mother to sell in her charity boutique.  All monies go to children programs, mostly scholarships and supplies for a neighborhood pre-school my mother helped establish.

Right now, you all can take part in my 'relaxation' endeavor, by entering to win to be a recipient of some of the professional quality goods local artists have created.  (Local to me here in Phoenix, Arizona!)  Because here at Heartwarming, we are giving away a basket of them this month:

And if you'd like another chance for a few relaxing hours...I have a new book out this month, on sale now for just $4.99. I also have a couple of review e-copies available. If you'd like to receive one of these copies in exchange for an honest review, let me know here. First come, first served!


  1. Relaxation sounds WONDERFUL, Tara! But I'm with you. I have a terrible time managing it. The giveaway looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I read to relax. It's actually the only way I can shut down my thoughts.Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  3. I envy crafty people. I tried it a few times and it looked like someone let a very clumsy calf into the craft shop. I have a hard time relaxing, too. I'm always on the go. The best relaxation is, of course, curling up with a good book, but that doesn't happen nearly often enough. So I'd love a chance to review your book!

  4. Sounds like you come by that driven style naturally - your mom sounds like a force to be reckoned with. I used to do cross-stitch while watching TV when my up-close and distance vision were nearly the same, now I'd have to work on big projects - like booties for elephants, or something. But good for you that your nature is so lively. I can fall asleep standing up when I get the chance. Love the promotion and the new book!

  5. You are an amazing author.
    The giveaway is awesome but I cannot join since I'm outside US/CAN but that's fine.
    I would love to get an ecopy to give you an honest review.

  6. Relax. Ha. I wouldn't know how if I had the time. :-) Even when I read, I'm studying the book. Maybe when I get my next book finished I can take a few days off and do nothing. And if you believe that, I have swamp land in Florida...

  7. Carol L, LeAnne, and Evelyn, send your email addresses to and we'll get you copies for an honest review!


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